Living the dream!

As I have seen old friends and acquaintances several times throughout this week, many of them answered my question of, “How are things going for you?”  with “Living the Dream!”

Are you living your dream?  Are you happy with where your life is?  Could something be improved?  Do you need help to improve your life?

I’ve pondered the answer, ‘Living the Dream’, a lot through this week.  It is NOT my first answer or thought when someone asks me.  I do usually answer I am blessed, thank you for asking.  But am I ‘Living the Dream’?

My dream was to be married, have children and live in the country.  It was a pretty simple dream compared to others.  Am I living my dream?  YES!!  A LOUD RESOUNDING YES!!

God filled all my dreams!  I sit here amazed and shocked!  I have NOT been carrying around a check list for what I was expecting in the dream fulfilled department of my life.  I have been walking through this life, most days ‘doing the best I can, today’.  I stopped checking or even thinking about life dreams awhile back in life.  I had taken for granted that those days are far gone.  Then I crossed the path of a friend who responded ‘Living the Dream’.

I began thinking about what that would mean to me and realized that God has won every battle in my life and fulfilled my dreams!  I am happily married, have AMAZING children and even MORE AMAZING grandchildren! And  I live in the country!!  It is time to begin dreaming again…….

Will you dream with me?  What do we want to see in our lives?  What do we want to experience?  Who do we want to help? God will make it all possible!  START DREAMING!


Changes in the making!

Some people in my life know I have stepped away from what was my church building, but not my church family. I have many mixed emotions about this decision, but it was one that the Holy Spirit told me was for my own good. He told me He was having me cast out of there so that I would reach for what He has for me.
Today was the first service I haven’t attended in a very long time. I had different goals for the day than I accomplished. I was going to listen to online preaching. I was going to work on writing a devotional. Yet when Caedin helped me wake up this morning, we went to walk and feed dogs at several homes that we have been taking care of. We took care of some errands and came home.
Melancholy is how I would describe my feeling today. It has been a roller coaster of emotions making this decision. I wanted to be mean and blame an individual. God has taught me not to always act on how I feel. He has loved me thru my unfair feelings and grown me into a better person than I was without God.
I pray that next Sunday turns into more study and learning than this Sunday was. I thank God for the day of rest He has provided me. I have been in need of rest. The holidays kept me busy with work and with family. We cooked a meal for 10 people altogether. Adriane and I provided pet care 3 times on Christmas day from Glenwood Springs thru Parachute! I didn’t feel that I had anything else to give or share with another person, but that is because I was leaning on my own strength and not God’s.
I get excited to think that God has something for me to reach for- and then I get a bit discouraged because I have NO idea what to reach for! I am trying to grow my imagination and reach, I really am trying! As I sit here tonight nearly exhausted I am wondering how to discover what God has for me. I can not wait- I know God is Good and gives good gifts!!

Make War!

My newest friend in life posted this on Facebook this week: “I hear so many Christians, murmuring about their imperfections, and their failures, and their addiction, and their shortcomings. And I see so little war!   ‘Murmur, murmur, murmur. Why am I this way?’  Make war!”

We must as modern day Christians walk in the victory that God gave us!  Stop saying I can’t!  Yes you can!  God is the most High God and he slays our giants before we ever even reach the battle!  You can stop smoking!  You are beautiful, RIGHT NOW!  God made you just like you are- He ADORES you- find some comfort in that and open your heart to LOVE who God created!  You can read your bible.  You can pray every day.  Stop saying I can’t- your words are powerful and create your world around you. The words ‘I can’t‘ breaks down ourselves and those around us.  The words ‘I can’ build us up and those around us.

I know each of you believe that God can do this in MY life- but then walk in failure in your own lives.  God loves and ADORES each one of us.  He created us EXACTLY the way we are!!  It is time to look at yourself and say I CAN.  I will make war with my giant and see it defeated.

What is your giant?  Is it smoking?  Not taking time to pray? Reading your bible? Whatever you have been letting Satan beat you up with- Stand up and fight TODAY!  Watch God demolish your giant and give you yet another victory in life!

Stop whining about how bad your problems are.  Stop dwelling on them.  Go tell EVERY one of your problems how BIG YOUR GOD IS!  Watch God slay your giants and raise you up out of the ashes of self defeat!  March on Christian Soldier!  Win the battle!  Seize the victory that God has already called YOURS!!


Perceptions of Romans 14:4

Romans 14:4 Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.


Stop worrying about other people in our lives spirituality.  The Lord knows and sees much more than you or I do.  Who am I anyway?  I am one child of our Most High God – sent here to love every one of God’s children.  He did not send me to judge them.

I was blessed this weekend to get to spend time with my future daughter-in-law’s friends and family at a baby shower thrown in her honor.  While we have welcomed Jennifer into our family and have spent some time with her, Keith and the kids- getting to meet her circle of friends was eye opening for what I need to work on in myself.

These people are from a different circle of life than I am used to socializing with.  As I was sitting there feeling out of place it became apparent to me that I was there to shine God’s light into each of their lives.  It was not easy.  I was determined to shine.  While I was not able to stay and shine for the duration I did shine my light as bright as I could.

God made us so different and so much the same.  It is fascinating how we can each of two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears, two arms and so on.  Yet be so vastly different that we at times feel awkward around each other.  Let’s remember we are ALL God’s creations and He loves each of us endlessly!

High Tea

This weekend I was blessed enough to enjoy High Tea with several ladies.  This is an event I always look forward to.  It is inspiring and encouraging for me to get the opportunity to dress up and wear hats, gloves and drink out of dainty tea cups.

Getting ready for this tea brought me to think of Jesus and what He might like to do.  I thought of all of us in heaven with our Lord and Savior, enjoying a ‘High Tea’.

Jesus wants each of us to come spend time with Him.  Whether it is in our prayer closet or at the dinner table, in the garden or on our bike ride.  Jesus is waiting to welcome us home to Him.  He loved us first before we ever knew Him.

He put into our hearts the things that we love and encourage us.  He is the creator of the universe and He created the diversity that is in each one of us!

The King of Kings is so amazingly diverse!  He shows us a glimpse of the diversity with the seasons of each year, the differences in the people on this earth, the animals that He created and placed into their environments.

It leaves me in wonder and awe of His love for us.  To know He is waiting for each of us to turn our hearts towards Him.

This week I pray that each of you takes the time to let Jesus welcome you home!  Whether we are the prodigal son or the Princess daughter, Jesus is waiting to lavish you with kisses, to give you the King’s robe and allow you rest in His presence.

Reaching for God’s heart

As I am walking through a transition in my life, lots of questions circle in my brain nearly every minute of every day. Today’s sermon at church spoke deeply to me. He told us to reach for God, (my paraphrasing). That we should all be boasting the life of Jesus. Boasting the love that He showed us and boasting His sacrifice to give us eternal life.
1 Corinthians 1:26 Brothers, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. This scripture points out to me that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called! I am hopeful and grateful to get to be part of a new ministry. We are naming it “Helping Hands, Healing Hearts”. I do not feel ‘smart enough’ to do this ministry. I do not feel influential enough to bring it to success. And I am certainly not of noble birth. These things have caused the doubting questions to circle in my brain – over and over again.
But God raised my doubts and shined into my life today His word and truth. Thankfully I was listening and heard! He will grow this new ministry in ways only He can! He just needs me (us) to move forward and do what He tells us to do.
Remember, whatever you are facing stay near to God. With God on our side who can be against us? Walk with God in all we do. Spend time with Him often. Trust our Savior! His plans far outweigh our own. And although you might not ‘feel’ smart enough, or influential enough, or glorious enough- YOU ARE! You are a child of God so that makes you smart enough, influential enough & glorious! Reach for God every day, in every thing you do. Whether it seems small and unimportant or if it seems big and of utmost importance- look for God in it, BOAST God in it, and Let Go and Let God!