4 Good Reasons – by Troy Dunn

4 Good Reasons For A Man To Hit A Woman by Troy Dunn
Lately, there has been much discussion about violence against women by the men in their life. Many have said there is never a good reason for a man to strike a woman but I disagree and today I am speaking out! I have six sons and I have taught them what my father taught my brothers and I: there are four good reasons for a man to hit the woman he loves;
1. Fire. If you look over at the woman you love and discover flames have overtaken your girl, you should absolutely knock her to the ground and start rolling her around.
2. Spider. If your princess discovers a spider wandering across her shoulder and with sheer terror in her voice says “GET. IT. Off! You should smack that 8 legged sucker right off of her.
3. Choking. If over dinner she begins to laugh at another one of your amazingly funny stories and in the process, lodges a bit of her steak in her throat, you have my full support to yank her out of her chair, spin her around and start squeezing her beneath her rib-cage until she spits up!
4. Train. If, while enjoying a peaceful, after dinner walk with your lover, you notice she has wandered into the path of a quickly approaching oncoming train, by all means, grab her by her arm and like the strong man you are, yank her backwards aggressively.
Absent the presence of fire, spiders, choking or trains, dad taught us boys there is never, ever, ever, ever, ever a justifiable reason for a man to strike a woman. Period. He said real men don’t do it. He then added this important definition about being a ‘real man’ which I want to share with all men today;
“Real men don’t allow other men to hit women either.”
I call upon my brothers-in-manhood everywhere to join with me in ZERO TOLERANCE for violence against women. Don’t hit and don’t tolerate hitting. That woman you see getting abused by her “man”, at the club or in the parking lot or even, oh let’s say, an elevator; intervene. Put yourself between the abuser and the victim. Is that dangerous? Could be. But it’s what a real man would do. Always remind yourself when you witness violence on a woman- that is somebody’s mother, daughter or sister.


How do we help others?

How do we help others? By Rebecca Maloney
I have had an interesting week in discovering how I can be the most help in many different situations.
Each different scenario required me listening with my heart, which is not always my first response. Living in the world has desensitized me and many times I am listening but only with my mind and not my heart.
I was blessed with several chances to listen with my heart this week. Some I did well, others I failed miserably!
One opportunity needed me to do something for someone which I did, and did well. One opportunity needed me to do nothing and to speak from my heart. I did the best I could and am still applying all the love they will allow me to. One opportunity was asking that I intervene into someone else’s life & after much deliberation and help from my family, I decided to speak to the dear friend and let her decide how to respond to that request.
Lastly after a frustrating situation with our delivery business I arrived at home to find the yard mowed, the dogs walked, the paperwork completed and the family fed. I was the recipient of help.
Helping others doesn’t have ONE formula- it is different for everyone. We need to remember we may be IN this world but we are not OF this world. Turn our hearts on and look for ways to show God’s love through us.
We may be the only light some people ever get to see. It is imperative to remember this at all times.
Lastly, although we are called to be servants and to shine for God- God sends help our way. Remain soft and receive that help. It comes in a variety of forms. Do not let pride get in the way of others doing something nice for you! Receive help as well as you give help! This is one of the hardest for me!!
Be Blessed this week and share with me how you help others!!

Living for God Today, Tomorrow and always

Living for God Today, Tomorrow and always. By Rebecca Maloney

Serving God in life can be interesting, challenging, rewarding, difficult, encouraging and more. I try to keep my eyes and heart open to see ways to serve God and live life in a manner that keeps my little light shining for those around me.
This week we buried our family pet bird that had lived with us for 15 years. She was a rescue bird who had been mistreated. Her last few years she was not nice to most people. I could still handle her and shared her story with those who met her in hopes they would understand the importance of actions on animals and the world. Caedin helped me bury Miss Forest. We said a prayer for her and laid her to rest. Naturally this brings lots of questions from young ones. A few days later he quizzed his mother on Forest’s death and burial. He ended that conversation with, Well Mom I just wish Grandma could have another bird. His mother asked him why? (Knowing that he had never held Forest or gotten to ‘enjoy’ her as a pet.) He said so Grandma can feed it and love it to death!
I know, I know- I keep chuckling because his sweet innocence has no idea how awful that truly sounds!
But don’t we all want to be loved ‘to death’? In serving God- for me that means taking care of God’s world, God’s creatures, and His children to the best of my ability in all stages of their lives. I am blessed to serve with a ‘church’ of people who serve in lots of the same ways.
I’ve found myself on the difficult and tired side of serving at the end of this week. I received a call asking me to help someone. My thoughts ran from I’ve put in my time this week to isn’t there someone else to help her? I shoved the selfish thoughts away and dialed the ladies phone number to offer assistance. Her number had been disconnected.
So my chores are laid out for me. Find a way to get ahold of her and find out how I can help. Sometimes serving is difficult and not when I want to do it. Sometimes God calls on me when I am tired and want to rest. That is ok!! Sometimes I fall short of God’s hopes- but He continues to grow me, guide me, forgive me and most of all Love Me To Death!

Are you a winner?

Are you a winner? By Rebecca Maloney
I’ve heard so much news about our newest local celebrity- the George family who won the lottery.
I am happy for them. Mrs. George drove my daughters transfer school bus for four years. I find blessings in hard working people getting the chance of a lifetime through something like this. I do not buy lottery tickets. I get teased endlessly about this choice I have made.
Occasionally my husband will plead that I get his ticket bought which happened this last drawing. Even I got caught up in the ‘what if’ it was MY ticket!! Funny how instantly it became MY ticket and no longer my husbands.
We have had those ‘if’ we had won conversations all week long. It is fun to dream and listen to the dreams of Mike and Adriane.
Then reality burst through into our lives with a very sick Caedin all day Thursday and thru the night. Who sweetly shared this stomach bug with me. I have been laid flat all of my Saturday. The to do list is getting bigger not smaller and so forth.
As I sit here today I realize I am a winner! God loved me and you enough to send his only Son to save us. We do not have a ‘what if’ future! We are saved and KNOW we will have eternity in heaven. That counts more than anything in this world. To know and love our Savior as my personal friend who patiently helps me grow and learn more about Him in every way.
I stand and declare we are all winners! We are brothers and sisters in God’s family. Whatever we have or do not have in this world we have eternity to look forward to today, tomorrow and forever.
Thank you God for loving us enough to save us!!

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder

“And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.” Genesis 28:12
When I was in elementary school there was one class everyone loved. Once a week we went to the auditorium for music. First what was special about this class was that we got to leave the classroom. Second was the young teacher didn’t make us do anything but sing, sing, sing. Those were happy times climbing up on stage at school. I have thought about the class from time to time through the years when I hear a song we sang there. One of those times happened this past week. I received a prayer request from a man named Jacob in Ireland. He asked that I spend some time meditating and praying asking God what He had for his life. He was searching for direction. When I get a request like that I do pray and I am very careful that I do hear from God before I respond. As I was praying the words to a song not only found their way into my head, but also began to come from my lips. The song was an old spiritual we once sang in music class. We are climbing Jacob’s ladder…Every rung goes higher higher…Sinner, won’t you love my Jesus? If you love Him you must serve Him. Rise and shine and give God glory, Soldiers of the Cross. What is amazing about this is that only forty years ago we could not only say the name of Jesus in public school, but also sing about Him! Today we are called to go higher. Our goal must be to get sinners to love Christ. If we love Him we must serve Him. We must rise up and give God glory. If we want generations who follow after us to be able to sing about and proclaim the name of Jesus, we must be soldiers climbing, bolding proclaiming, and baring His cross daily. Angels will be with us as we go.

Hurry Up!

Hurry Up! By Rebecca Maloney

Why do we put our Minister and God on a timeline? Why is it so important to race out of church? Why do we come in 10 minutes late? What if God showed up in our lives 10 minutes late? What if he closed Heaven’s Gates at 11:30 AM?
My family and I were attending church many years ago and my husband was always persnickety about his parking. He would carefully, oh so carefully park with the back of the car facing the sidewalk. He said it was so he didn’t hit anyone trying to back out- but the truth was told one Sunday when we had a visiting missionary.
This gentleman got up and said you can tell a lot about a congregation just by the way they park. There are the servants who arrive early and park far away from the front door. There are the ones who pull in just seconds before singing starts because they do not want to be volunteered for anything. Then there are the ones who back into their space. They are the ones who race out before the last song finishes and get out of the place FAST! Oh My! My husband got red faced with embarrassment and never backed into his spot again.
We sing the song “We Need Thee Every Hour”, yet do we live those words? So many times putting a time limit on the message brought to us by the inspiration of God through a man walking with God I feel is shameful. God deserves everything we have. It belongs to Him!! Including Sunday Morning, afternoon and evening. Stop running a time check on the message. The message is being preached for me and you to grow closer to God through.


Communication By Rebecca Maloney

God created us for relationship with Him. That means communication. Communication is a two way conversation between us and Him, or us and each other. So many times people treat communication as a one way activity. We pray to God but do not wait for His answer. It didn’t feel like He answered me instantly so I am going to move forward without Him.
Or we yell at our spouse because they displeased us in some way and then we expect them to listen and not respond. If they do respond so many times it moves to a fight of angry hurtful words.
While we should be better listeners than speakers we should work at both. How to hear God, how to hear what our loved ones are really saying. Most of the time they are not angry at us ~ it is them being too tired, overworked or under appreciated and they fall short of the mark and yell.
God does answer ALL prayers. We must listen for His answer. Do not rush God as His timing is far better than our own timing.
I know I tend to shut out God’s answers that I do not want. I know I yell at my spouse when he doesn’t deserve it. This week has pointed out to me that while I have complained to God that people are not communicating with me, He has pointed out that I am not effectively communicating to others. I am working at listening to Him and following His ways. I am trying to listen to Him and others. I do have TWO ears and only one mouth. I pray I can listen better to God, to my spouse and to you! If I have not heard something you have tried to tell me, please stop me and tell me again. Thank you for growing closer to God with me on this journey He has given us called ‘life’.