Spring has arrived!

March 20 marked the beginning of spring for us this year!  Spring is my favorite season.  It reminds me of Genesis. Everywhere we see  new beginnings of life and our planet.

Genesis tells us of God creating the world, the heavens, oceans, animals and us.  Spring gives us a glimpse of what new life looks and sounds like.  With lambs, calves and foals in nearly every pasture we drive by!  There is grass turning green and flowers beginning to sprout.  Soon leaves will fill the trees and wave at us everyday.

While there is season for everything- seeing life spring forth encourages me and inspires me to learn and grow, whether it is a new skill or trying a new plant in my garden.  I have our garden mapped out and planned for planting the first week of June.  Winter at times feels to me as though it takes forever to pass.  I am encouraged listening to friends who enjoy the winter months as much as I enjoy the spring months.

I used to think a time for each season only meant things like plants growing, harvesting food, leaves falling and finally the vegetation sleeping thru ~ but thru the years I’ve discovered many reasons for seasons!  Some people love it to be hot – Others love it to be cold.  God is so wise in all of His creation!  He makes things that please people  in a variety of ways.

We praise you God for this beautiful world you have given to man to have dominion over and to utilize it wisely for the benefit of ourselves, our communities and our world.  We praise you for making us individuals with different likes and desires and all in your image.