A Philanthropist

Two weeks ago my friend told me she would like to be a philanthropist. We talked about it in detail as we try to help each other grow our dreams and visions in Godly ways. We spoke of it again this week. I listened to what she thinks that means for her. As she spoke I kept thinking of the ‘Law of Attraction’ – She desires to give away money and how can I help her to grow that into a successful vision.
At first my mind kept getting sidetracked. This is common for me when I feel clueless. But in learning to take my thoughts captive I forced my mind to ponder on this vision. I realized I believe my friend is already a philanthropist. She showed up at my home several years ago with all the food we needed and wanted for the holidays when we went through a rough time.
I’ve seen her give to others without any recognition for the tokens. As I pondered all of the things I’ve seen her pay forward for me I realize she is already what she wants to be. So then I asked God, how do I help her see that she already is a philanthropist?
He responded with I have trusted her with little things, just wait till you see the big things! I have been growing her to give treasures beyond imagination. Your friend is kind, generous and my treasure chest. Yes, you are right- she is a philanthropist- but wait you will see what she dreams of.
I thought little things? Hmmm God is so good. I can tell you what she has done for me NEVER felt like little things. I know some of the other people she blessed with giving didn’t see it as a little thing, either. It felt like the biggest thing anyone ever did for me, yet God called it a little thing. Perception is interesting and I feel incredibly privileged that God trusted me enough to begin to open my eyes to the possible grandeur of her dreams!
So dream! Dream big and ask God to grow you to be able to complete your dreams. God is waiting for us to reach out to him. Be the child of God you are. Be true to yourself. Your dreams are God’s dreams! Thank you friend for helping me reach out to my own dreams even if it is only to speak of them. My admiration and respect to you!


I Wished I Had Been Born a Boy

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I am a 52 year-old woman and mother of four. A wife for almost twenty-six years but I wished I had been born a boy.

Probably until I was well into junior high and maybe even high school I was fairly convinced God had simply mixed me up with John Mark, the name my parents had selected if I had been born male.

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You see, I am over six feet tall and very large framed. I wear a size thirteen shoe. My hands are as large as any man my height. I was always told I had a pretty face but because of my height I was able to carry a lot of extra weight without looking fat and the fullness on my frame tended to make me look less pretty and just attractive. Still I never felt pretty or much less feminine.

So for many years I wondered. Did…

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