Laughs of our Nightlife!

Hubby and I were delivering newspapers last night. He was delivering my Carbondale Route and I was delivering my other route in Snowmass. We were feeling chatty so spent most of our night on the phone visiting. We both utilize blue tooth devices, which brings a mixture of technology and comedy into our lives.
Through the years with our blue tooth ear pieces we have seen so many people who have no idea what they are to believing we are talking to ourselves. Last night as my hubby pulled into a store in the Willits area a man approached him and said (not actual quotes, just the best I can recall) Hey, you can help me! My hubby said No, I don’t think so. This man says, SHHHH, Just listen to ME. I am with the _____ ______ Club (leaving them unnamed to save embarrassment) and I was with my crazy friend, ____ you know- he has a crazy beard and the blonde. Our car is on one of those streets and you can drive me to find it. We will know it when we find the blonde in it.
Hubby pointed out to this intoxicated man that his car was completely full with newspapers and he was working. The man said, SHHHH Just Listen to ME. It’s okay- you can drive me on the streets to find my car, then it will all be OK. Hubby said I don’t think so. He drove away to the next delivery spot.
I laughed and laughed as hubby repeated the conversation. Why is it when people get intoxicated they almost always say…. No, really,,, SSHHHHH Listen to what I am saying…… We’ve seen this scenario many times since we are working at the hours that bars close and parties getting over. And while we are out here working why would we want you driving that car that you are so drunk you lost it?? I feel so much safer with you as a pedestrian, honestly!

Author: cymom2001

Loving life and living to serve My Lord and Savior anyway I can!! I have been married for 30+ years and we now have 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

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