Yes, My Name is Rebecca Epilogue


Walking into this healed life that God has for me I have claimed my name, Rebecca!  So yes, when you ask me what my name is, I respond, Rebecca.  When you ask me if I prefer Becky or Rebecca- I prefer Rebecca!!  It isn’t rocket science, God gave me the name Rebecca and I am pleased to be known by my God given name!  I believe my parents walked in the defeat of Satan most of their lives and passed that to their children in many ways. For me personally I feel that they nicknamed me, not able to have any part of the glory of God near them.   I have friends who met me as Becky and will always call me Becky.  My own husband will probably always call me Becky.  Yes, my name is Rebecca and God has filled me with grace to understand their hearts.  Writing this book has helped me recognize what a trail blazer I have been throughout my life!  God sent me two ‘Blazes’ to help me see, but it took writing a book to figure that out!  Now to figure out Nov 19th!  I will stay close to God the rest of my life and on Nov 19th I pray to stay in the Throne Room with Him for guidance, wisdom and protection!

I would like to thank my daughters for their continued love and support.  I also would like to thank my husband for honoring our marriage vows and walking thru the good, and the bad with me.  I would also like to thank Pastor Daryl Reeves for being such a wise, loving servant of God that lead our family to living a life with God first and foremost in our lives.

A Prayer for You

May you find healing in the words of this book.  May you find our Savior and His love for you in your life.  May you recognize God, the creator of all as your personal friend helping you in every way.

May God Bless you, wherever you are, whatever you are doing with abundant peace, healing and love forever and ever.


Author: cymom2001

Loving life and living to serve My Lord and Savior anyway I can!! I have been married for 30+ years and we now have 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

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