Making Lemonade

There has been so much going on for the last few weeks and not much time for my old brain to process all of the new data input.  I serve as a volunteer board member on the Rifle Rendezvous Festival which I just arrived home from the 1st day of our 3 day weekend of events.

I spent many hours revising old schedules, meeting with designers for new graphic artwork and attending board meetings to make our 20th Annual Rendezvous bigger and better than ever.

My plan was to take off from our delivery business the last two days so I could focus my energy on the Rendezvous, but because my husband and I received a 10% pay cut from our newspaper delivery job I could not afford to pay someone to work for me.

My business partner is the hardest working person I know of next to myself.  She also happens to be one of my daughters.  Some may think that makes me biased but I honestly feel when a person works with family they usually have a negative bias towards one another, such as I do more than you do.  Or I made more sales than you did.  While I realize occasionally my business partner requests I pick up an extra task or two- it is not her dumping things onto me.

Honestly each time it has happened it was because of her willingness to do more for another client and she simply needs me to fill in a small niche so she can do something over the top and above what most people ever would.

She had a rough couple of days, because she is used to me putting in as much effort as she does and I have not.  I am putting in lots of effort- but 90% of that effort is going into the Rendezvous and I have driven one route on our delivery business while she has handled the entire rest of the workload.  And then tonight happens – the worst in a delivery persons work day.

She was done and nearly home when she found an undelivered package.  Could it be near home?  Could it be unimportant?  Not on Friday the 13th it couldn’t be!  She began driving to the furthest end of her route and making phone calls to prepare people, myself included.  I attempted to help her brainstorm the best solution for everyone but I also was very busy with tasks of a Rendezvous board member.

I recognize the agony she felt.  I empathize with the exhaustion.  I respect her resolve to give the best possible customer service.  I have let her down.  She doesn’t see it that way.  I do.  While lots of people can take a day off and nobody really even notices that they are gone it is not like that for me or my business partner.

See when she takes a day off and I cover as much as I can, we have both agreed to hire a person to drive one of our runs.  But honestly we have 7 runs a day, which depending on a variety of factors sometimes I do 4 and she does 3 but more often than not she does 4 and I do 3.  When we hire someone and they do 1 run of her 4 that leaves me with 6.  We are both used to covering a shift for someone in other employment that we have had, so we often think no big deal- I’ll cover for you and you go do that whatever –

But when 2 workaholics are a team and one takes time off it overwhelms the other.  Not intentionally by any means.  But it happens and then a package gets forgotten and that poor exhausted partner just wants to scream, because she tried so hard to do it perfectly.

Aging has forced me to slow down some.  My hope is that she can see she is pushing herself too hard- she deserves a break too.  We are successful in our business because of her work ethic.  I refused to do this same business with at least 2 other people.  I refused because I knew I would be the only one working this hard.  When she was willing to join forces and open the doors to our delivery business I knew we would be 100% successful.

I knew it because of her work ethic.  She won’t stop until it is done correctly.  Most of the time she gets it done on the first try! Thankfully there are not a lot of days like today.  We are successful because failure for us is non optional.  If it doesn’t work one way- it will work another way- we keep trying to we get it right.

I apologize to you, that my volunteer work has left you handling 6 runs for 2 days.  I vow to find a better solution for taking time off.  We are on the cusp of GREAT success.  Thank you for working even harder than I do and being as stubborn as I am.  I wish I could take back today and make it easier for both of us.

I am honored that you chose to go into business with me.  I know that decision did not come lightly for you.  While we will cross horrid days like today again in the future- I respect you for not giving up and for continuing to push thru until you find an answer for our clients.


Author: cymom2001

Loving life and living to serve My Lord and Savior anyway I can!! I have been married for 30+ years and we now have 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

One thought on “Making Lemonade”

  1. Thanks Boss.
    I am proud of you. I think the volunteering has been good for you, exhausting, but good. I do not agree that I work harder then you. Don’t ever cut yourself short. You own this. This was your idea. This is your journey. I am just glad you trusted me enough to allow me along for the ride. Many more hard days to come, though we will manage, as usual. -Much love, A


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