Progress!  I am very driven to create progress in nearly everything I do.  I seek ways to help others progress at what they are doing.  If I were to describe my natural talents I would say that I have instincts of how to bring progress to nearly any situation.

I brought this talent with me when I signed up to help with Rifle Rendezvous Festival.  This festival celebrated it’s 20th year in 2016 which was about the 4th year I have been a volunteer.

My first year was helping with the actual event and no preparing.  My second year I received a call about a week before the event which was certainly not adequate time to accomplish anything.  I realized then that the other 2 members were including me and it was time to bring out my style of volunteering/helping.

We held board meetings, took minutes, assigned duties and began the process of planning for 2016.  A few people pointed us to avenues of assistance and BAM!  Progress happened in a huge way!  This was the best attended festival in years.  There were more vendors than EVER before.  We sold more carnival tickets than we ever have in all the years.

That first year I wasn’t too sure there would be anymore yearly festivals.  When I got the call my 2nd year I knew why – lack of progress.  Progress takes planning.  Progress takes team work.  While yes one person can create progress, the type of progress we made this year took everyone putting in 110% effort!

My hope was to progress this Rendezvous Festival into an event the community would be proud of and want to become part of.  We made a huge step this year in creating that type of event.  My hopes are that next year will be even better!


Dark and Twisty..

Stand Up! Be heard- you never know who needs to know that they are not alone.

Mystery Uncovered

Rape culture is a real thing. Scary. Disturbing. But very real.

I can no longer keep my mouth sealed, or my keys stale. It is never the victims fault.

I have said, maybe even recently, I don’t dress to tease, and I don’t put myself in vulnerable places, for my own protection, they should have done the same. Lets get real here, lets put it out there. I DO NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE VULNERABLE BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN VULNERABLE. In light of the recent case of “20 Minutes of Action” I can no longer blame myself or allow any other victim to be subjected to self blame. Whether my story is as gruesome as this recent headliner or just a drunk night that can be barely pieced together. I do not need to go into great detail into my experiences, because at some point you have been there, especially if…

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A Cat on the Couch

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The prompt will almost always be the title in my blog- just the way my brain works.

While I don’t think I will walk in and find a cat on my couch in the rest of my lifetime I do fantasize about it from time to time.  I always enjoyed a cat that like to cuddle just the right amount.  You know, don’t lay on me every moment but it is fine if you are on the couch when I get home and you stay to welcome me home.

When I was about 7 years old my sister had gotten married and moved to California.  Her mother-in-law had purchased a blue point siamese kitten.  She named her Molly and when Molly ran across her grand piano with claws out her husband says the kitten leaves this house now.

With much fuss and care, my mother finally agreed to allow me to have this absolutely adorable kitten!  We didn’t have a grand piano or much of anything that Molly would hurt.  My mother gave me a list of chores that came with her and warnings about what would end this match made in heaven.

It did not take Molly much time to warm even my mother’s heart.  She fast became one of our family members.  And while she was my cat and I had to take care of her, when I left home about 10 years later Mom refused to allow me to bring my cat.

So apparently Mom had come to enjoy coming home to find a cat on the couch as much as I fantasize about it.  But my reality is that while my kids were growing up we had lots of animals and yes many cats.  Each has a special memory in my old brain that is either heartwarming or joyful and some are both.  But now the kids are gone, so is the help with the chores.  So no more litter boxes for me to tend to.  I don’t miss that part.

We also are living through remodeling our home at this time.  Each fur ball I find and dislodge shocks me and I am grateful that we are down to only have two toy yorkies who only make small messes and rarely leave my husbands side, so I have one spot to clean up for my little family of 4!


I am copying from a FB post made:

Demons got mad as Hell when I started binding Religious and other Satanic Strongmen over the area at The Rifle, Co Fair Grounds where I held a Christian Concert Outreach today in the middle of their Rodeo Fair.
A man was yelling to shoot me and kill me. Cops removed him.
Fair Venders vociferously told the Promoter to shut me down during my concert and later said that they wouldn’t pay their vendor fees because they are atheists and Witches and Obama supporters and my anti Obama comments and anti Trans Gender Bathroom comments were hate speech.
The 2 hour event was advertised as a “Faith Event”.
What were they expecting, average lukewarm church babble ?
I know I’m on track when the demons start screeching.
America is in a spiritual war; good vs evil.
God will prevail.

This speaker was VERY Melodramatic.  I am the promoter that demanded he be removed.  I met with him for a breakfast meeting as was told he would be singing and usually gave his testimony of how he went from a drunken sinner to a christian.

I did not hear his words- but the outcry of his removal did reach me.  I stormed the arena and he said a closing prayer and left.  Then for hours I heard of the hate that he spewed and saw how many left because of him.  One person has said that he feels he wasn’t politically correct, but that he was right in calling people out in their sin.

This breaks my heart.  God has NEVER once called me out in my sin.  He has loved me, exactly where I am at.  He has NEVER given up on me or felt He had to insult me to get me to listen.  I am hard headed and spend more time arguing that we should do it MY way- but God still loves me and NEVER spews hate at me.

We are in a spiritual battle- and it has always been good vs evil.  But if I were going to break it down simple and not spend thousands of words to explain where we are in my eyes it would be this:  When Jesus was alive the ONLY good was in Israel.  The ONLY people going to heaven were the Jews that had not sinned.  Jesus loved the WORLD so much He chose to be born as a human, die, be buried and risen as the Savior of the WORLD.  There is more good than evil today.  Good is world wide- not just in Israel.

I believe we misunderstand what Jesus did for us.  I believe we try to apply our rules to Jesus followers and in doing this we misrepresent God.  God tells us to love the sinner and hate the sin.  When you spew the hate that this speaker did- it is NOT loving the sinner.  I attend more Faith Events than the average citizen and this is the first one that the speaker needed to be removed.

I pray that God forgives you for your melodramatic speaking.  I pray that He convicts you to love your neighbor.  I pray God continues to grow me, guide me and strengthen me.