Dark and Twisty..

Stand Up! Be heard- you never know who needs to know that they are not alone.

Mystery Uncovered

Rape culture is a real thing. Scary. Disturbing. But very real.

I can no longer keep my mouth sealed, or my keys stale. It is never the victims fault.

I have said, maybe even recently, I don’t dress to tease, and I don’t put myself in vulnerable places, for my own protection, they should have done the same. Lets get real here, lets put it out there. I DO NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE VULNERABLE BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN VULNERABLE. In light of the recent case of “20 Minutes of Action” I can no longer blame myself or allow any other victim to be subjected to self blame. Whether my story is as gruesome as this recent headliner or just a drunk night that can be barely pieced together. I do not need to go into great detail into my experiences, because at some point you have been there, especially if…

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