Progress!  I am very driven to create progress in nearly everything I do.  I seek ways to help others progress at what they are doing.  If I were to describe my natural talents I would say that I have instincts of how to bring progress to nearly any situation.

I brought this talent with me when I signed up to help with Rifle Rendezvous Festival.  This festival celebrated it’s 20th year in 2016 which was about the 4th year I have been a volunteer.

My first year was helping with the actual event and no preparing.  My second year I received a call about a week before the event which was certainly not adequate time to accomplish anything.  I realized then that the other 2 members were including me and it was time to bring out my style of volunteering/helping.

We held board meetings, took minutes, assigned duties and began the process of planning for 2016.  A few people pointed us to avenues of assistance and BAM!  Progress happened in a huge way!  This was the best attended festival in years.  There were more vendors than EVER before.  We sold more carnival tickets than we ever have in all the years.

That first year I wasn’t too sure there would be anymore yearly festivals.  When I got the call my 2nd year I knew why – lack of progress.  Progress takes planning.  Progress takes team work.  While yes one person can create progress, the type of progress we made this year took everyone putting in 110% effort!

My hope was to progress this Rendezvous Festival into an event the community would be proud of and want to become part of.  We made a huge step this year in creating that type of event.  My hopes are that next year will be even better!


Author: cymom2001

Loving life and living to serve My Lord and Savior anyway I can!! I have been married for 30+ years and we now have 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

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