8 years is too long

I had a heart wrenching conversation last week.  I try to be a shoulder for those who need to talk.  I’ve always been at a loss for words and learned years ago most people are wanting to talk things out- not have me offer wisdom, which is great because I am always at a loss of what I should say.

I felt the hurt that he felt in what he told me.  I felt the loss that he felt in his words.  There is no way to heal that hurt or fill that loss.  I know this person always believes the best in every one.  Sometimes he believes blindly which usually is a blessing to those he believes in.

This time it was not a blessing to a little girl.  This time he left one person drowning while he was trying to save another.  I am glad that my words failed me again.  I have spent many nights without rest trying to understand his choice.  I am grateful that he made what I consider the right choice at the end of his eight years, but I am sick to my stomach that it took him eight years to throw a life line to a little girl.

I don’t understand how anyone makes the choice to stand by an adult and leave a little girl drowning with no one to lift her out of her hurt, her loss.  Eight years is too long to leave a child without hope.

I know he has spent many sleepless nights and countless hours in prayer looking for wisdom and guidance on all of his decisions.  He is human and will make mistakes.  His judgment is not always accurate.  I am working hard at finding the path to forgiveness of his mistake.

But I was that little girl that no one helped.  I was the little girl victimized by grown men from the time I was 6 years old.  I was never thrown a life line.  I grew up as a victim and lived as a victim for many years.  I battle Mental Health issues daily from what was done to me.  I pray no one ever goes through what I went through- yet here is another little girl left alone with trusted adults who knew and didn’t help!

Left to drown for 8 years before someone finally did something.  Too little too late.  I pray for her daily.  I pray that God holds her close everyday and never allows anyone to harm her ever again.

World please wake up!  There are evil people doing evil things.  When you know someone is being harmed you MUST stand up for the victim!  Quit standing up for the bully!  Why do you think by helping the bully you help the victim?  You DON’T.  When you help the bully you tell the bully he/she is okay and keep doing what it is that is destroying their victim!  If you help the victim, you tell the victim they are worthy, you tell the bully NO!  I don’t understand why this is so hard for you to understand.

I am going to end this blog with a prayer for all of us.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We need you.  We plead that you help each of us recognize and call out bullies.  Teach us to help victims and strengthen our faith to serve you well.  Teach us to stop helping the bullies and to start helping the victims, daily.

I love you, God.  Please help me be the change I want to see in our world.  Thank you for blessing me with live, love and laughter.

In the name of your precious Son, Jesus Christ





Recently one of my grandsons was bullied in school.  It was not a one time event. The bully had been bullying him from the start of school.  My grandson had an open dialog at home about it and seemed to be working through his personal issues of being treated poorly.  He was enjoying going to public school instead of homeschooling and wanted to continue.

The bully then knocked him to the floor and was beating on him in class.  The teacher had to pull the bully off of him and sent them to the office.  Somehow the bully took one of my grandsons notebooks with violent drawings and actually taunted him that now he would be in more trouble than the bully.

My grandson has been expelled until 7th grade or he completes an in patient therapy program.  My daughter walked through all the steps ordered by the principal.  Mental Health professionals told her that he did not do anything that warrants in patient treatment.

While walking through all of this and having other parents and counselors reach out to her begging her to fight because they had all been bullied out of the school as well she had to put this fight on hold to deal with another flaming arrow Satan had pointed at their family.  I wanted to pick up this fight and run but have learned that is not as helpful to my children as it feels like it is to me.

This school has now expelled another student for the pictures he made and we realize that we have to keep fighting.  We have to bring change to this school district.  My daughter has returned to homeschooling with an amazing program that they will continue and not put my grandsons back into this school- but we can’t let others be bullied out!

As we’ve begun sending letters out to the school board and now have sent letters to the State Board of Education concerning the poor bullying training in this district a local newspaper wrote a story and included a portion of what my daughter wrote:  “You got it wrong today. You got it wrong when overnight a suspension turned into expelling a student – a student who was pantsed, shoved into a wall, and shoved over/into his desk. You sent home the victim – the kid being picked on.”

Thankfully the community has stepped forward.  Enough of them read this story and want to help create the change!  They are setting up meetings and discussing programs, fundraising and such!  It is such a relief!  In this violent angry world we live in- we must address bullying from all angles!  Yes these pictures are possible warning signs- but why are the kids drawing these pictures?  They are being bullied- if we don’t help the bullies have empathy for other, help the bystanders find their voice and strengthen the victims we are not going to stop horrible violent acts from manifesting!

Be the change you want to see in the world!  Recognize wrongs and stand for the silent!  Do not allow injustice to prevail!

My daughters blog is:  https://perceptionsby1.com/


NFL kneels through the Anthem

When this disrespectful action began a few years ago I was offended and shared posts stating how wrong others felt this was.  I was wearing my blinders and felt like the money these men make to ‘play’ a game shouldn’t allow them to show disrespect to the soldiers who are serving or the veterans that have served.

My husband and I went for a bike ride today so we missed all the commentary on today’s NFL kneeling.  When we arrived home I found some posts about our home team, The Denver Bronco’s, kneeling and I began to get upset about it.  I then reminded myself I did research the reasons that some of these players were doing this last year and found some common ground I have with them.

I was arrested and convicted of a felony 2 + decades ago.  It was a life changing event in my life, my marriage and our family.  For years I refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  I no longer believed in it. I’ve walked through an experience that proved to me that we no longer have ‘Justice for All’  If you have a big enough bank account you can get justice.  Our entire justice system is fueled by the drive for money.  From fines and fees to hiring lawyers.  We are told our tax dollars build and fund jails.  When you are incarcerated you are told you have to pay fines and fees for your incarceration.  They are double dipping from the taxpayers and the inmates- but you can’t get anyone to listen to you.  The taxpayers say the inmates should pay.  They can’t hear that both are paying.

My brother served in Viet Nam.  My father served in the Korean Conflict.  I have many friends whose kids are serving today.  I have nephews and cousins serving.  I never blamed any of these people when I no longer believed in Justice for All.  I don’t think our NFL players are blaming the soldiers either.  While in some ways I think it wrong for ‘entertainers’ to shove their personal opinions into our homes, I also feel it will take a GIANT to quash this justice system that has gone awry.

I agree with my fellow citizens that President Trump was wrong to call names.  While he may want a different approach from NFL players, calling names is not going to fix the problem as we saw today.

While I don’t think our justice system is fair- I also am not shooting myself in the foot to call attention to it.  I had to make my own peace with this flawed system.  I compared our system to several others around the world.  I would not want to walk through any other justice system on this planet.  So I decided to make what changes I could.  I could change my attitude.  I could change my actions.  I can vote.  I can research the candidates, judges, ballot measures and I can vote with purpose.  This is the way I chose to make changes in a system I do not like or trust.  I also believe my way is slower than a snail in making a difference, so possibly these overpaid game players will bring a change needed, this is overdue.

Really? Please just read the road signs!

Today was Day 1 of 95 days without the main bridge that delivers commuters across the Colorado River and the Rio Grande Railroad tracks to and from Aspen and all towns in between!

There has been at least one YEAR of heavy advertising preparing us for today.  I’ve seen it in the local newspapers, heard in on the Radio Stations and it has been on all of my social media feeds.  I recognize that since my occupation is DRIVING, I tend to stay informed about road closures and such.  It would seem to me that as a commuter you would stay informed too- but apparently not!

I witnessed people driving OVER the white plastic mounted lane dividers making the right lane of Interstate 70 an exit only lane.  People just decided they didn’t care and drove over them.  I saw driver after driver STOP and ask the flaggers for directions of how to get where they wanted to go.  Excuse me- why do the rest of us have to wait for you?  The flaggers are there to keep everyone moving in an orderly fashion- NOT for your personal map service.

I may sound a bit agitated and I apologize.  I knew it would make my day longer and harder.  I just didn’t expect to see the level of selfishness from drivers who somehow missed the MANY MEMOS that were put out about this detour.  It will improve- we are like sheep and once we learn our ‘NEW’ route it will go quicker.

I appreciate that RFTA is offering FREE bus services from Parachute to Glenwood during this time.  I urge anyone who can to please utilize this amazing service.  I know using a bus takes a little more time, but it does remove more cars from the road and it gives you the opportunity to relax to and from work.  I know, I know- what gives me the right to ask you to take the bus and not do it myself?  I am a courier.  What that means is that I am carpooling- with packages instead of passengers.  Most days I am carrying packages from 15 or more different clients.  I pick up and drop off all the way to Aspen and all the way back down from Aspen.

By sending your packages with me or calling and having me run your errands you are reducing the amount of cars trying to make it through this detour!  We take most packages for only $13.00.  My morning commute took 1 hr 45 minutes to get from Canyon Creek to McDonald’s.  I believe everyone’s time is worth more than $13 for nearly 2 hours ?!?!  By having multiple packages going to and from is how we keep our prices low.  Consider saving yourself some time and money!

And in the meantime- STOP TRYING TO TALK TO THE FLAGGERS!  Here is the official explanation of what a flagger is doing:

Flaggers are the people on construction sites who control traffic. They are the men and women along roads and highways who help traffic keep flowing through a construction zone, despite a shutdown of lanes. Flaggers often work in teams, with each person controlling the flow of traffic in a certain direction.   (NOTICE IT DOES NOT SAY GIVE DIRECTIONS TO EACH DRIVER THAT REFUSED TO LOOK INTO THE ROAD CLOSURE).


I am copying from a FB post made:

Demons got mad as Hell when I started binding Religious and other Satanic Strongmen over the area at The Rifle, Co Fair Grounds where I held a Christian Concert Outreach today in the middle of their Rodeo Fair.
A man was yelling to shoot me and kill me. Cops removed him.
Fair Venders vociferously told the Promoter to shut me down during my concert and later said that they wouldn’t pay their vendor fees because they are atheists and Witches and Obama supporters and my anti Obama comments and anti Trans Gender Bathroom comments were hate speech.
The 2 hour event was advertised as a “Faith Event”.
What were they expecting, average lukewarm church babble ?
I know I’m on track when the demons start screeching.
America is in a spiritual war; good vs evil.
God will prevail.

This speaker was VERY Melodramatic.  I am the promoter that demanded he be removed.  I met with him for a breakfast meeting as was told he would be singing and usually gave his testimony of how he went from a drunken sinner to a christian.

I did not hear his words- but the outcry of his removal did reach me.  I stormed the arena and he said a closing prayer and left.  Then for hours I heard of the hate that he spewed and saw how many left because of him.  One person has said that he feels he wasn’t politically correct, but that he was right in calling people out in their sin.

This breaks my heart.  God has NEVER once called me out in my sin.  He has loved me, exactly where I am at.  He has NEVER given up on me or felt He had to insult me to get me to listen.  I am hard headed and spend more time arguing that we should do it MY way- but God still loves me and NEVER spews hate at me.

We are in a spiritual battle- and it has always been good vs evil.  But if I were going to break it down simple and not spend thousands of words to explain where we are in my eyes it would be this:  When Jesus was alive the ONLY good was in Israel.  The ONLY people going to heaven were the Jews that had not sinned.  Jesus loved the WORLD so much He chose to be born as a human, die, be buried and risen as the Savior of the WORLD.  There is more good than evil today.  Good is world wide- not just in Israel.

I believe we misunderstand what Jesus did for us.  I believe we try to apply our rules to Jesus followers and in doing this we misrepresent God.  God tells us to love the sinner and hate the sin.  When you spew the hate that this speaker did- it is NOT loving the sinner.  I attend more Faith Events than the average citizen and this is the first one that the speaker needed to be removed.

I pray that God forgives you for your melodramatic speaking.  I pray that He convicts you to love your neighbor.  I pray God continues to grow me, guide me and strengthen me.

Yes, My Name is Rebecca Chapter 19

Chapter XIX

Ivan’s (my step grandfather) family was planning a small reunion the summer of 1991.  I had been working on plans for it for a year.  I was excited.  He was going to see his great granddaughters.  Bret would be coming with us too.  Keith was going to be with us as well.  But in the newspaper business it never warranted Mike and I to take time off together so he would be taking care of our business.  The closer it got to time to go, Mike began making it difficult to nearly impossible for me to go.  I got angry at him and said you can’t stop me from seeing my family.  I’ve been planning this for over a year and now you have a problem with it?  He said I have to talk to you.  Ok that night the kids off to bed he said I don’t want you to go.  LeRoy could make his truck break down and kidnap you and the kids.  I would have no idea where to look for you or how to get you back.  I was stunned.  The plan was for me to drive up to the ranch and we would load everything into LeRoy’s truck.  We would then drive to Delta in his truck for the weekend and back by Monday.  I told Mike that is exactly how LeRoy thinks too.  We went to bed.  The next day I said to Mike, I understand your concern.  I really want to be there for Granddad.  Do you have any suggestions?  He said don’t get in his truck.  Take your truck.  So we talked about the possible schemes and traps so I could avoid them.  I drove out to the ranch that Saturday morning.  I informed LeRoy that we would have to take both trucks.  During this conversation he stated that since we would have more room Miss Jessica would like to come with us.  He hollered for her.  This was Jay’s daughter, she was 8 years old.  She came out of the house and to LeRoy.  I saw it on her face.  He had molested her if not raped her.  I was sick to my stomach.  I wanted to be there for Ivan.  I told the kids to get in my truck and we left.  Jessica did not come.  LeRoy followed in his truck.  We got to Ivan’s and I was violently ill with the concern for Jessica.  Everyone thought it was the flu.  It was good to see Granddad and Dorothy.  We spent the night Saturday night and came home on Sunday.  I came running into the house and told Mike he has hurt another little girl.  I couldn’t sleep.  I couldn’t keep food down.  I called my sister.  She had wanted to discuss the abuse each of us had suffered.  I told her about Jessica.  I asked her how I could help her.  She suggested calling social services.  I had tried to file a police report 2 years before but they just laughed and told me it was in the past.  But since then Roseanne Barr a well-known actress had come forward about incest abuse and prosecuted her father.  That was a turning point in America.  It became okay to point the finger.

I called social services and got a woman on the phone.  I don’t recall her name.  She was kind and considerate.  I told her I would not tell her my name I was concerned for my own safety.  But that I knew of a young girl who is being molested and or raped and needed to know how to get her help.  She said she could speak with the girl at school but without her parents agreement there was not much she could do.  Her recommendation was to file a complaint with the police and attempt to give LeRoy a criminal record.  I explained they laughed last time. She told me that with a criminal record they could keep children away from him and she had an officer that would work with me.  We set up a time for me to call back and speak to him.  I called the next day at the designated time and spoke to Lieutenant Roger Vance.  He explained that he would need names and a few facts.  That he would check those out and get back with me about what type of charges could be filed.  I told him I would have to call him another day after I spoke with my husband to see if he agreed.  I trusted Mike.  Mike never hurt me and always had

my best interest at heart.  Everyone else seemed to look after themselves, but Mike usually looked after me.  I shared with Mike what Officer Vance had said.  Mike was uncertain but felt that it would be a good thing to give him the information he wanted.  I spoke with Linda who spoke with Bob and called me back affirming yes answer his questions.  So I called the woman’s office at Social Services the next day at the appointed time and spoke with Officer Vance.  I told him my name, LeRoy’s name and my general answers.  I recall telling him LeRoy was dangerous and always within an arm’s reach of his .22 revolver.  He asked me if anyone could verify that.  I gave him a few names; one was Bobby Shay the owner of the Phillips 66 Gas station in Kremmling.  He asked if he could contact me after he checked these things out I told him yes and gave him our phone number.  He called me just a couple of hours later and said everything I told him had checked out and he would like to meet with me to take an official complaint.  I explained to him that I was providing day care for part of our income and this was not a subject I could openly talk about with the children around.  He willingly met me after 5 PM so as not to upset the children.

He came to the house.  Mike must have been home and kept an eye on our girls because most of our conversation was out front on the deck.  I told him when the abuse started, when I left and some of the things I knew about my father.  LeRoy had told me several stories which made me know how evil he was.  One was that he was at The Cowboy bar in Laramie, WY to get his paycheck cashed from the Fluorspar mine in Northern Colorado.  He had just bought a round for the house and some guy hit him sending him flying down the bar.  He grabbed a beer bottle and chucked it at the guy to slow him down till he could get his feet under him, the guy ducked as a cop walked into the bar.  That bottle hit the cop straight in the mouth.  They arrested LeRoy, beat the crap out of him- he spent 30 days in jail eating food through a soda straw.  The day he got out ‘someone’ walked up to the cops car that beat him, tossed in a stick of lit dynamite with a fuse less than a ¼ in long, laid down beside the car and killed both of them.  The investigators came to the mine to arrest LeRoy for it but all of his buddies gave him an alibi, so they did not arrest him.  He always indicated to me that he did this without exactly saying “I” tossed in the dynamite.  Officer Vance was a little bit excited and told me that murder has no statute of limitations to prosecute and holds a much longer sentence.  He tried to dig up facts on this story.  He used every avenue available to him.  Praise God there has never been any police officers killed in such a fashion in the history of Wyoming, not just Laramie.  So Officer Vance determined that this was a lie.

Another story he told me was he was in a bar in Montrose, CO.  A fight broke out and he killed 6 Mexicans in the bar.  When LeRoy was a child his father beat him when he came home from school getting bullied by some spics and after that beating he learned any good white man can take 7 Mexicans at a time.  He was never bullied by them again.  Then some spics tried to jump him in that bar in Montrose.  They broke his jaw- but he just wrapped his arm around it to hold it in place and killed 6 before the cops arrested him.  He did time in Canon City for that- although he never said how long.  Officer Vance also looked into this.  There is nothing on record anywhere of it.

So we are going to move forward with the charges of sexual abuse against me.  Some of it is past the statute of limitations.  We can press charges for 9 years back.  This is 1992 so any abuse from 1983 which was the last year that I lived with him.  But he took as many details as I could give him from all of it.  He called me and recommended therapy.  He said it looked like this would end up in a jury trial and I would have to face LeRoy.  We all knew I was too scared to do that.  So the state paid for 6 weeks of therapy.  I would go in each week and tell her of the horrors I suffered.  But being concerned that this therapist was working for the state and my everlasting fear of actually being insane I always talked with Mike and Linda about the sessions, before and after.  I wanted to make sure that I would not be locked up in an insane asylum for the things I told her.  Thru this time Officer Vance would call and request different things that pertained to the investigation.  I would tell him I had to check with Mike first and let him know.  Mike became my trusted advisor.  I had seen him many times look after his own best interest.  It is something I do not know how to do.  So I leaned on him to look after my best interest.  He sometimes would give me questions to ask Officer Vance.  Then I would call Officer Vance the next day with the questions.  Once Mike got home from work I would tell Mike the answers.   Sometimes I wonder why the two of them didn’t just talk and work it all out!  I had called my mother and my sister in law to inform them of all of this.  I was certain that LeRoy would be striking out at anyone close to me so I tried to keep my loved ones safe.  Officer Vance was concerned thru the entire investigation that it would boil down to a ‘he said/she said’ case, which is difficult to win.  It came time to make an official statement so that the DA could draw up charges against LeRoy.  We set up the appointment for me to come to Officer Vance’s office at 2:30 PM.  I told Mike I would be home to cook dinner.  He took off work at the golf course early so he could watch the kids.  I drove into Hot Sulphur Springs and met with Officer Roger Vance.  I walked in and told him that I had an abortion when I was 16 yrs old.  LeRoy knew about it and if I was just going to made to look like a slut I wasn’t going any further.   He opened the law book behind him to aggravated incest.  He turned the book to me and asked me to read the charge.  I read it and began crying.  It was clear in print that it was not my fault.  I said ok, then I will make a statement.   He apologized that we could not smoke in his office.  He stated that anytime we wanted to take a cigarette break we could.  We would just step outside have a cigarette and then come back in.  I said ok- I smoked heavily, nearly 2 packs a day.  He set a tape recorder on the desk and turned it on.  He stated his name, the date and case.  He clicked it off and I was standing up to leave.  He was speaking calmly telling me this is how they take statements.  I said I’ve made lots of statements and I had always written them down for everyone else.  He said yes, for a traffic accident but for a case like this we make a recording and then have it transcribed.  I was standing in the door, telling him no.  He assured me that Pat was discrete and had transcribed for the sheriff’s office for over 17 years.  I said I know, I deliver her newspaper to her.  No I can’t do this.  He kept assuring me and got me to sit back down.  I decided it didn’t matter if I spoke or wrote it- people were going to find out about it now.  I said I am ready for a smoke.  We stepped out and smoked a cigarette.  We stepped back in about 3 PM and began my statement.  He had asked me to have it in as close to chronological order as possible.  That is very difficult for me, because with the many years of abuse I can’t tell dates, times, places and such.  The therapist helped me figure out clues like important Holidays close to abuse events to help create timelines…   I began telling Roger about the abuse giving as much detail as possible and occasionally he would stop me and question me.  One of the memories that he questioned me on was the carbon monoxide poisoning.  We determined that was attempted murder but without the blood work to prove the theory we stayed on the incest trail.  Another memory I told Roger about was the photos that LeRoy had taken of me.  There were 11 Polaroid’s.  I tried to be clear and open about all of the abuse.  I remember saying ‘Ok that is all, I can’t remember anything else’.  I looked up at Roger- he said are you ready for a cigarette?  I said Yea, I think so.  We walked outside and I grasped his arm and asked him what time is it?  He said it is 9:30.  I fell to my knees and began shaking.  Thru tears I looked up at Roger and said you mean I just sat in your office for 6 ½ hours making a statement and thought I was there for about a half an hour??    He raised me to my feet and put his hands on my shoulders- he looked me in the eye and said Becky I’ve never heard of anything this bad.  I do not know how you survived it.  I said I have to call Mike.  He said ok.  I went back inside and the dispatcher gave me an outside line.  I called Mike and apologized.  He said I knew you were ok- I called and they told me you were still in his office.  He said he had fed the girls and is it ok if I go to bed?  I said yes, I am going to have cigarette then we have to cross the T’s and dot the I’s and I will be on my way home.  I went back to Roger who was almost done with his cigarette.  I lit one and he lit a second.  I smoked two as well and we went back inside.   We completed the statement and he walked me to my car.  The next day the DA called me and offered his empathy for what I had survived.  He said he was drawing up the charges.  I asked him if letters would be a good thing or not.  He asked what kind of letters.  I explained that LeRoy had tried to rape my sister and we knew it was past the statute of limitations but she would write a letter if that would be helpful.  He said yes.  I also ran ads in newspapers of towns he had lived in looking for other victims.  I called his first ex-wife Linda Hall in Nevada.  She was shocked and all but hung up on me.  The DA called and said that he had the papers ready for his arrest and then Officer Vance called me one day and told me that he thought if I would have a taped phone call with LeRoy and get him to admit to the abuse it would end the concern of ‘he said/she said’.  I was so shocked by the request I simply hung up on Officer Vance.  When Mike got home from work I told him.  He looked at me in dismay.  We talked about the implications that would mean.  Mike told me that he thought it would be considered entrapment and not admissible.  So the next day I call Officer Vance and told him that.  He explained to me that as long as one person in the conversation knows it is being taped it is not entrapment.  That it is useable evidence.  I told him I don’t think I can do this.  I’ve never talked to LeRoy about this, he will know and he will kill me for it.  Worse he will kill Mike in front of me and rape my daughters.  I can’t do this.  Officer Vance said he would work on a plan.  He called me back and said that he would set it up to have LeRoy arrested and charged the minute we hung up from the phone call.  That they would place a tap on our home phone, record the phone call, call for him to be arrested, and remove the tap.  I told him I would have to get back with him.  I went over the plan with Mike.  Neither of us liked it.  LeRoy did unspeakable things to me, but to set him up with a taped phone call felt wrong.  I finally agreed to it.  I spoke with the therapist.  I told her I do not know how to open a conversation about the abuse.  She suggested telling LeRoy that you were becoming frigid towards Mike sexually and needed to understand some of the things that had happened.  I spoke with Officer Vance, he suggested that I write down what I was going to say.  He told me specific words that had to be used for court reasons.  He explained that if it was written down that LeRoy would not be able to distract me as easily.  I could go back to my list when I was having a hard time.  I began working on writing out a list of questions with an opener.  I told everyone that I thought we should do the phone call on a Sunday morning at 7 AM.  That the family would be walking out the door to go to church and LeRoy would be there alone and could talk openly.  We set up a date.  I let NO one see my list.  Officer Vance called me on Monday and told me that he was going to go on vacation and his partner Dan Ellis would handle this phone call.  I told him no, we will just do the phone call when you get back.  Dan doesn’t believe me, he is a friend of my fathers.  Officer Vance said I understand that but Dan is still a good officer and will do his job.  You have nothing to worry about whether he believes you or not.  I told him I had to check with Mike.  Mike didn’t seem to have an issue so the next day I agreed.  I don’t know if it was my sister or therapist who said it would be good practice to tell my story in front of others, since I would probably have to do that in court.  So Sunday rolled around and Officer Ellis arrived.  He was in plain clothes.  He put the tap onto the house phone and I pulled it over to me.  I had my list written on a legal pad and turned it over.  I looked up at Dan and picked up the receiver.  Mike came rushing out of our bedroom.  I hung up the phone and turned the pad back over.  Mike was rubbing my shoulders and introducing himself to Dan.  He was still rubbing my shoulders and I put my hands onto his and asked “what are you doing?”  He said I am here for you.  I know how hard this is and I don’t want you to be alone.  I took a deep breath, stood up and took his hands into mine.  I softly looked him in the eye and said ‘I can’t do this with you here.  I thought you would sleep thru this.  I promise that if we go to court I will tell you everything from my lips and you won’t have to sit in a court room and hear it for the first time, but this is not that time.  He hugged me, said I am going to Pole Creek golf course call me when you are done.  He grabbed his clubs and walked out the door.  I sat down.  I heard the truck start and back out of the driveway.  I was trying to regain the courage and strength to do this.  I looked up at Dan.  He snidely said to me, ‘I suppose you want me to step outside too’ I still looking him dead in the eye said ‘no, I want you to sit there and listen to every word that is said.  I want you to hear every word that LeRoy says.  I don’t care what you think about me, but that man that just left here married ME and I don’t want to wake up every morning wondering how revolted he feels today because of what LeRoy has done.’  With that my fight returned and I picked up the phone and dialed Aunt Madalyn’s number.  LeRoy came to the phone and admitted to the abuse.  He gave no reasons- he told me that he thought women liked it!  I got him to say each of the designated words.  He was reeling from this phone call.  I hung up the phone.  I looked up at Dan.  He said to me ‘I am sorry.  I did not know.’  I said please take the tap off of my phone.  He asked me if I was ok and the tears were going to start.  But Miss Regina woke up and came out.  She had to walk past Dan to get to me.  She saw his gun belt.  I reached for her and she loudly announced Mommy that man has a gun!  I said I know that man has a gun.  He is a police officer and his name is Officer Ellis.  She gave me her that look of ‘are you sure?’ I smiled and said yes I am sure.  I know he is not wearing a uniform but he is a police officer.   Dan had the tap removed and was chuckling.  I said aren’t you going to call for the arrest?  He said he would do that when he got back to Hot Sulphur.  I said but Roger said you would when we hung up.  He tried to assure me that everything was fine and he would call as soon as he was in custody.  I waited for 45 minutes and called Dan.  He said that when he called he was informed LeRoy had left the house and they did not follow.  I told him he was coming straight for me- to put an APB out. He was not taking me serious so I decided to leave.  I loaded up all the kids and some extra clothes.  I drove us out to the golf course and tried to pick up Mike.  He was in the middle of a game and didn’t feel threatened.  He promised to not go to the house until we talked.  I was going to Denver.  I stopped in Empire and called the sheriff’s office- still no arrest.  We got to Denver and did some shopping at Wal-Mart, Petsmart and ate lunch.  I called and was told he was under arrest.  I told Dan that I would not

be home until tomorrow.  They could leave me a message at home if needed.  I had told the kids we would go to a movie and I wasn’t going to skip that.  I called the golf course and got hold of Mike.  I let him know what was up.  He told me to have fun and he would see me at home.  The kids and I went to the movie.  I called one more time after the movie just to make sure.  I was told he was jailed in Grand County at that time without bail.  We drove home.  There were a few panicked phone call messages from Aunt Madalyn.  She at first was calling to let me know he had been arrested and she had no information other than they were bringing him to Hot Sulphur.  Then several more messages screaming what have you done to him and so forth.  Mostly I just kept pressing erase.   The one that got me was Granddad Likes- he said LeRoy was supposed to work on my truck do you know why he didn’t come?  I called Granddad the next day and said I am sorry Granddad but he isn’t going to fix your truck- He is in jail because he raped me.  I told the police everything.  I love you Granddad and I am sorry.  Granddad told me he loved me and he wanted to help.  I thanked him and got off the phone.  Officer Vance called me, he told me he got the photos and he destroyed them himself.  He burned them in his trailer and no one saw them.  I said I thought you were on vacation.  He said Becky I wanted to make sure this arrest went correctly.  He confessed to everything.  There is nothing for him to deny now.  You won’t have to go to court.  I began crying and thanked him.

Mom came up as soon as LeRoy was arrested.  I told her I know he has your address, I do not want you down there by yourself.  One of the nights I put the kids to bed and sat down at the table with her.  I said Mom this is the hardest thing I have ever done.  You have to fill in blanks for me.  I have huge gaps in my memories and because of that it is difficult for me to determine who did what to me.  I need you to put names to faces that are in my mind.  I began describing different events and she would tell me who, what and where.  The huge one that she

placed for me, although I still do not have the actual memory was Carl Hoffman.  I told her what happened when I was 12.  I told her he was married to Gail and I can see his face.  My only memory of his face is that night.  Mom was crying.  She told me that was Carl Hoffman.  I froze.  I said the Carl Hoffman that I said yes come to my house to spread Dave’s ashes?  She nodded.  I said Mom- do you realize I would have killed him?  If I opened the door and saw his face I would have killed him.  Mom this is really important- I need you to fill in all the blanks- I can’t be surprised like that EVER.  We spent most the night talking.  I told her everything.  I told her about Chelvy, and about Frog.  I told her I know you tried to rescue me from LeRoy, but Mom you said to me ‘I know you are LeRoy’s lover.  Come home with me and everything will be ok’ Mom you have to understand I was never that man’s lover.  I was his victim.  I was not there by choice.  I am not sure she believed me.

LeRoy tried to get my medical records for the abortion.  I knew he would.  But he wasn’t able to.  The newspaper printed the arrest story.  My married life with Mike did not include LeRoy so most people did not realize it was about my father.  They knew me as Becky Maloney so there was no mental connection of LeRoy Smith.  I was working at the local café as a waitress and was amazed at the talk of this arrest.  People would read the story then everyone was talking about what had happened in their own life.  I was amazed that every single woman I knew well or just an acquaintance had their own story of sexual abuse in some way as a child.  100% of the women.  Most only told a story of a onetime incident but still that is entirely too much abuse happening everywhere.

LeRoy plead guilty to aggravated incest.  He was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 16 yrs of probation.  I had been getting phone calls prior to his sentencing but they exploded upon his sentencing.  Lyndia, my best friend went to court that day.  She told me that the Judge told LeRoy the only reason I am not giving you 16 yrs in jail is you aren’t worth the state having to pay for your burial.  I hope you go out to the field and let the coyotes eat your sorry ass.  His release date was November 10, 1992.   With Regina’s last hospital stay Mike and I had decided to move to a lower altitude.  He was working at Pepsi and was going to put in for a transfer to Tucson and the girls and I were going to move down there with Mom now.  We did not want to make it easy for LeRoy to find us.  He had stood at his sentencing and vowed he would kill me and the Judge for this.

My Aunt Madalyn called me and vowed that if LeRoy didn’t kill me she would.  I told her if she called me again I would press charges for harassment.  I called Officer Vance and told him.  He called her and assured her of harassment charges.  Jay Noonen called me, he said ‘Paula and I will be picking LeRoy up from jail and on that very same day he will be watching both of our girls while we go out.’  I said Jay I thought you loved your children.  Your children are the only reason I did this.  I told you he would hurt them and I know he has hurt Jessie.  Jay told me I was a gold digger and hung up on me.  I was sobbing when Mike came home.  He was angry and wanted to disconnect the phone.  I said no- I knew people would blame me.  I got a call from Mark Davison.  He thanked me.  He told me his daughter was going to go up there the next summer- if Mark hadn’t learned of this she would have been one of his victims.  Of all the people that knew LeRoy and I this was the only supporting phone call I received.  I’ve never heard from my Aunts, Uncles or Cousins from LeRoy’s side of the family since.

Mike called his supervisor to put in for a transfer.  Matt told Mike I don’t want to lose you- I manage all of Colorado and there are openings at 7 warehouses right now.  You pick which one you want.  We talked about it- we figured we could move in the middle of the night and make it difficult to find us.  But we are smart enough to know anyone can be found.  My brother-in-law Bob called me.  We had spoken several times throughout this but this call surprised me.  He told me that LeRoy was just like a school bully.  I had punched him right in the nose and he would never come around me again.  I tried to hear him, but LeRoy proved to me too many times how vengeful he was.  I had told Officer Vance about his sharp shooting ability.  Many people confirmed that he was an above average marksman.  Officer Vance put into place a lifetime order of protection.  LeRoy is not to be within 50 miles of me ever.  But I told Officer Vance your piece of paper doesn’t keep bullets away.

November was fast approaching.  I applied for a concealed weapons permit.  I was denied.  Mike interviewed at the Grand Junction Pepsi plant but did not feel good about that interview.  He set up an interview at New Castle.  We all came down.  We dropped him at Pepsi and the girls and I went to Rifle to look around.  Regina was 6 and Adriane was 2.  I brought a stroller for Regina.  She was weak and could not walk as far as Adriane could.  She only weighed 36 lbs. and had to have a nebulizer treatment every two hours.  The girls and I found a restaurant called the Fireside Inn.  It had a salad bar, which if I had known I would not have taken the girls in.  They both loved salad bars but children rarely eat enough to make it worth paying for a salad bar.  The waitress was kind and said we have a children’s price for it.  So I let Regina order the salad bar.  She had 5 plates of salad!  I was amazed!  She looked up at me after the 5th plate and asked if she had eaten enough to have dessert!  I said YES!  We drove back to New Castle and met with

Mike.  It looked like it had gone well.  As we were driving away I asked him how it went.  He said he liked the boss and the interview went well.  He thought he could have the job if he wanted it.  I told him Regina can eat here!  I shared our lunch experience and Mike was pleased too.  He called his boss and said yes to the New Castle plant.  He had to be there Oct 1 for the position.  So we got busy finding a house to rent and move to.  He moved down to South Rifle and took the job on Oct. 1st.  I had to stay and finish our notice for the newspaper routes.  Each weekend we moved more things down to Rifle.  Many nights we talked for hours on the phone- it was hard to live apart from each other.  I was glad he called me as much as I called him.  We decided to keep our P.O. Box in Granby.  We still owned the house and would be renting it out so we could check our mail on our trips back up.  We didn’t want to leave an easy trail like a new mailing address to find us.  We rented our house to Randy, Mike’s friend.  As we left that last weekend I had a chuckle at myself.  I felt sad to be leaving ‘my’ home.  It had not been long ago when I swore I would never live in ‘Chris’s ‘house.   Oh my time does heal wounds.

Because I prosecuted LeRoy I lived in guilt for many years.  He had always instilled you NEVER ‘turn’ on family and then the bible commandment ‘Honor thy Father and Mother.  I struggled with this for years.  There was enough blame to pass around between my parents and myself that I kept up the guilt far too long in life.  God finally released me completely and helped me see that I did honor my parents.  My parents received my love and respect more than lots of parents do.  That just because I honestly prosecuted LeRoy did not mean I dishonored him.  As I walked through these realizations I had to learn to forgive myself.  We have all had these: If I hadn’t of smiled, if I hadn’t worn THAT dress, if my body wouldn’t have responded then he wouldn’t have……   I had to take captive every one of those thoughts and throw them away!  I found love in Jesus and hung onto it.  I found no condemnation!  I began putting my name into scripture:  For God so loved Rebecca, that He sent His only begotten Son…… It was imperative that I learn to forgive myself and stop blaming myself.  I was a child that all of these people manipulated and trained up to feel shame, guilt and self-disgust.  God does not want that for any of us!!  NOT EVER!!

Yes, My Name is Rebecca Chapter Eighteen

Chapter XVIII
Dave’s ashes had been sent to me. Sharon thought it would be good to have Bret there for spreading Dave’s ashes. So Bret flew up in late June and spent most of the summer with us. Mom told me that Dave’s best friend wanted to be there too. I set up the time and so forth so that Dave’s best friend could come. I told her to give him my phone number and address so we could coordinate when he got to Colorado. He was supposedly going to fly into Denver and drive up. She was not able to confirm with me if he was going to come. I finally was agitated by her and this request and snapped at her who is this guy? I don’t know of anyone Dave would call his best friend. She told me Carl Hoffman. I thought she was crazy. I had never heard that name and I knew my broth-er really well. I had postponed the original date and finally told her I am doing this.
I believe that God protected me in this. Looking back on this time of my life and knowing that I had completely blocked who Carl was this scripture comes to mind: 1 Corinthians 5:11 “But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idola-ter or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people.” My heart tells me that God prevented Carl from coming and protected me and my family from the harm his appearance would have caused.
Spreading Dave’s ashes is for Bret more than anyone else. So LeRoy, the kids and I drove up to Buffalo Park. LeRoy said a prayer of sorts and I spread his ashes. We sat for a while without much to say. We were driving back when Bret tearfully said ‘Why didn’t he know I loved him enough to live?’ I began crying with Bret. Suicide leaves us all feeling so lonely. After Bret went home, Regina told me some disturbing news. They had played ‘house’ and he had directed oral sex to and from her. I was violently ill. Bret had spent some time with LeRoy and I decided that LeRoy had molest-ed Bret, causing Bret to molest Regina. So at that time I thought LeRoy had actually managed to hurt Regina even though I had tried to protect her with all my strength. I asked a neighbor to watch my kids and I left. I drove up to LeRoy’s trailer and got my 257 Roberts Rifle. I knew where he was camped watching some cows. No one knew I had gone to his trailer or that the rifle exist-ed. It was one of our ‘secrets’. I drove up into the trees and parked the truck. It couldn’t be seen from the road, I hiked over to the ridge and laid down on my stomach. I found his camp, there was smoke coming from the fire pit. He usually didn’t get too far away if there was a fire burning. I saw movement. A 4 wheeler, LeRoy was driving it. I was surprised- I did not know he had a 4 wheeler. He pulled up in front of his camp. He was doing usual things and did not seem to know I was there. I didn’t think he would but I was watching details closely. I went over it in my head again. No one knows that I am here. I saw no vehicles or people between his trailer and this stop. I don’t have an alibi worked out yet, but there is no one that can place me here. I can get rid of the rifle- and no one knows about this rifle, except my Granddad, but I already planned on that and was using LeRoy’s shells- so without the gun they wouldn’t be able to match it. Granddad thought LeRoy sold this gun years ago. I did not want to take the shot with him moving- I had to make a kill shot- I knew I could do it if he sat down- I held him in that rifle scope for 3 hours. I could not pull the trigger. Here is the man that caused my baby girl to learn about sex before she should have had to, and I could not pull the trigger. I left. I returned the rifle to its unknown hiding spot. I drove home feeling as though I had failed as a mother. I told Mike what had happened with Bret. I called my sister and told her- she said do you think Dave molested Bret? I said I never thought about that- maybe it wasn’t LeRoy? I called Sharon and told her what happened. I said I am sorry but we need to find out who molested Bret. We all talked openly and Sharon was certain it was simply from Bret walking into the bedroom at inopportune times. My brother-in-law called me. He told me of a time when he was a young boy and experimented with ‘sex’ with his cousin. He said he believed it was child’s play, not abuse. It is normal, although I do understand that to you and Linda it is not. I believe the Holy Spirit kept me from pulling the trigger that day.
We had taken on the Kremmling newspaper route for the Denver Post. It was a small route overall, except we had to drive out to Heeney on Sundays. It was nearing our anniversary and both Mike and Spike (the owner of the bakery in Kremmling) kept urging me to stop by the bakery the morning of our anniversary. Well they were both practical jokers and I did not want some mean trick pulled on me. So I delivered the newspapers and did not stop in. Mike worked at Pepsi. Spike called me at home about 11 in the morning in a panic! He said Becky you didn’t stop in! I said nope, no jokes on me! He said I have a cake for you- Mike ordered it. I am sending it with the milk man can you meet him? I said yes, I am so sorry. I went down to the dairy and met him when he pulled in with a beautiful bakery cake for our anniversary.
I was driving home from Heeney one Sunday morning and there are lots of rolling hills between Heeney and Kremmling. As I crest-ed one hill I saw a herd of deer headed for the highway and would be in the swell of about 3 hills away from me. I arrived there just about the same time they did. It was a large herd so I turned off the truck and was browsing thru the newspaper as this herd crossed. I looked up as the last of them were on the road and there was a three legged deer. His right hind leg was gone basically from the bottom of the hip. There was some skin hanging that looked as though it had covered the upper leg bone but no bone left. I watched them closely as they bounded over the 4 foot highway fence. When he got to the fence he began to panic and was jumping in place and scared. About 6 deer came back, bounded to my side of the fence and encircled him. They nudged him with their noses and it appeared that they were encouraging him to jump the fence. He jumped it and began up the hill and they all followed him. I am still stunned that I got to witness animals taking care of each other. It is not always survival of the fittest.
Mike’s childhood buddy Jimmy had moved to California. He was married to a nice girl, Stephanie. They came for Christmas. They spoiled our girls rotten. I was surprised because this bachelor buddy of Mike’s who did not want Mike to hook up with me sure had transformed and was a family man. It was a fun visit.
My father had been moving around quite a bit. Everywhere that he moved to I called the family or friends and frankly told them that he was a pedophile and to please not trust him around their children. Most of the family began ostracizing me for this but protecting children is worth it. He was living out on the Stuer Ranch. I had spoken to both Jay and Paula. I had told them not to leave their kids with him. Paula never much liked me, but Jay was like a brother to me.
I told Mike about going to the Catholic Church and leaving there believing that God had twisted the Priests words so that I could not hear it. Believing I was going to hell and so forth. He asked me a few questions about it having attended Catholic School for his elementary school years. He began laughing, I told him this is very personal please do not laugh. He assured me he was not laughing at me. He said you had to have gone to an Old Catholic Church. They were preaching in Latin. I said are you sure? Why would they preach in Latin- I know 99% of the people there did not know Latin. They may have known Spanish but definitely not Latin. He said yes, positive. Wow! I cannot describe how healing that was to learn it wasn’t God forsaking me!
I remember when Adriane began walking she would pull herself up on Duke. He would stand as still as he could while she pulled herself to her feet. When she was stable he would take one step and stand still until she took a step and was stable. He would then take another step. It was precious to have a ‘living’ walker for her! Our neighbor was Mary Thatcher (my old boss) and the dog catch-er. Duke loved her! When he wandered away from our home- he would always go visit Mary whether at home or the dog pound. She would call me and say are you missing someone?? Apparently so I am on my way Mary!
I took a job as Motel Manager for the Littletree Inn in Granby. It provided us with a 2 bedroom apt so we lived there and rented out our house. My dear friend Lyndia came to work for me as a housekeeper but truly she did everything. She handled the front desk when needed, helped me with the laundry for the place and most of all loved my children almost as much as me. There was a woman who was the head housekeeper when I was hired as the manager. She turned her resignation in. Her name was Jean Peoples. I watched her work the rest of that day. When she came in to punch out that night I told her I respect your decision to leave. I hope that you will evaluate me, and the type of manager I attempt to be before your notice is over and change your mind. I would like to have you and your skills here. She said she would think about it. By the next Friday she came to me and said if you will allow me to withdraw my resignation I will! I said Happily! She was a hard worker that was dependable. I did not have to go in behind her and finish cleaning rooms. Jean and I became lifelong friends. The previous manager, Debbie sent her teenage sons to pick up the last of her belongings. As the boys walked through the hallway they yanked the posters off the wall and allowed the push pins to fall to the floor. Adriane was crawling and grabbed a pin and swallowed it before I could stop her. I was mortified! I raced her to Dr. Gross-man’s office and said she swallowed a whole push pin. How do we get it out safely? Dr. Grossman chuckled and assured me it would pass through without harming her. I doubted him, but he was right. It never hurt her.
I had a gentleman ask to stay in one of the rooms in exchange for maintenance work. It was a good idea because we had 48 rooms which ran only about 72% occupancy and there is always maintenance to be done. I agreed. His name was Alan and he was very handy. I am filling out the reports from the previous day to fax to the management company when I hear screaming. I step out front and discover Regina hanging from her swing set. Her pony tail got caught up in the top of the swing- I run out to her and hold her up while I untangle her hair- I think how can you hang by your pony tail? Lyndia comes into the office a little while later wanting to use my nail glue. I wore artificial nails and always had glue. I asked her why- she showed me the nose pieces on her glasses were broken and she needed to glue them in place. I said I don’t think this is a good idea. She insisted. I gave her the glue and she promptly glued both of her thumbs to her glasses. I say this type of a day can only happen to me. Alan brings me down some snacks he made and is walking strange- I ask him if he is alright. He sheepishly says well I changed out that fan in room #206, but when I scooted across the stove to get close I accidentally turned on a burner and well… uh… my backside is burned! I knew that I was running a clown motel!
I was cooking dinner one evening when the phone rang. Adriane was getting around very well and I was concerned that she would pull a hot pot down on top of herself so I turned off the stove and pushed the pan to the back and ran for the phone. As I answered I looked back and Adriane was reaching for the stove. I said NO, Adriane that is HOT. Don’t touch. She stopped, looked at me, turned back and put her hand on the burner. I had answered the phone, but don’t remember who it was. I told them I have to go. I rushed to the stove. Adriane pulled her hand off the burner- burnt badly, looked at me and nodded, then said Yes it is hot! She never once cried. We ran her hand under cold water and took good care of it till it healed. She was always my child that raised my horizons and pushed me to learn to communicate in ways others could relate to.
Once again Regina was in the hospital for her 5th birthday. Each year seemed to be getting worse. She wasn’t able to recover quickly or fully. Her little body was worn out from constantly fighting to breath. We talked to the doctors about moving to a lower altitude. They said that wouldn’t help. That people born and raised in high altitudes have stronger lungs than other people and that we just had to find the triggers and remove them from her life. We did more allergy testing. There was never anything conclusive as to what she was allergic to. Her hardest time to overcome was always in February- nothing is growing in February in Colorado. One of her nurses brought her a teddy bear for her birthday- (she couldn’t have stuffed animals) it was bigger than she was! We kept this one- I vacuumed it more than the floor I think! Lyndia ran the motel for me while we were in the hospital. She took care of Adriane during the day and Mike was supposed to take care of her at night. Lyndia called me at the hospital and told me you have to come home. I know Regina needs you but Adriane needs you more right now. I am trying to not leave Regina when Lyndia tells me if you don’t come get her I will call social services, I am not leaving her with Mike again. I called my cousin Linda Gay DeBruyn and asked her to sit with Regina and drove to Granby. Mike was tired, Adriane was arguing with him and he had spanked her that morning leaving a full handprint bruise on her backside. I was horrified. I took her back to Denver with me. There was a Ronald McDonald house that I could get us a room in. I did that for a few days but it was too much to have a healthy little girl cooped up in hospital room, so I called some other friends- Tim and Sharon who said yes we will keep her. They kept her for almost 3 weeks before Regina was released and able to come home. Mike was very contrite and vowed to never punish the girls again.
The profit was larger for this motel than they had ever seen. It had been open for 11 years and only made a profit one year of $5000. The year that I operated it there was a net profit of $81,000. They were ecstatic. I am not a GREAT manager- I am an honest person who turned in all of the money. I was given a paid vacation to thank me for all my hard work. They bought airline tickets for all 4 of us to go to Tucson and see Mom! I have hired a different maintenance man and his wife does some housekeeping, Jim and Jo Ellen. Nice couple and fun to be around. I am get-ting things in order for our vacation and a gentleman walks Regina in who is crying her eyes out. She had climbed to the top of her swing set and jumped off. Her arms are hurting. I thank the gentleman and bring her into the apt. I set her down with ice bags and go about my work. Regina is a bit of a cry baby so I am not too worried about her. An hour later she is still complaining about her left arm. I decide I better take her in before the Doctor closes. I call and take her in- they decide to x-ray her arm- hairline fracture. They splint it and tell me to bring her in tomorrow for a cast. Ok, wow! Finally a ‘normal’ childhood Doctor visit! We go home, get up the next morning and Mike takes her in for the cast. We are leaving on vacation the next day and there is lots I need to do. I am making up beds when they get back. She comes running into the room I am in which has two queen size beds. She loved to jump from one to the other. Her Doctor left town on vacation as soon as he put her cast on her. She had been so ill that Dr. Grossman booked his vacation when we did- he did not want us to be stuck in Granby without him. She climbed up on one bed and jumped- and missed the other bed. Falls to the floor comes up screaming that the other arm hurts. Mike had to leave for work so I drove her out to the Emergency Clinic upset to be doing this when I am trying to get ready for vacation! My lack of concern over two broken arms in two days and never having gone to the clinic with her warranted them calling social services. Really? I say when they walk in. I tell them there isn’t a problem here but let’s do your little interview. They run thru their questions with me and I explain to them that she turns blue from asthma causing flight for life trips to Denver I truly don’t think a broken bone to be alarming. They then talked to my shy bashful daughter who tells them she fell off the swing, then missed her jump… Social services laughs and lets us leave. My only concern now is I have to find a Doctor in Tucson to cast her tomorrow! I get back to the motel and let the crew know how she is. Jo Ellen says take her to Dan. I think and say, you mean your ex-husband? She says yes, he is a pediatric orthopedic Dr. I said ok, do you think you can get me an appointment? She says of course, we call him and he says, sure just come in whenever you get to town. His office is on Grant Rd- which is the main road to Mom’s little Richey Blvd. We stop in and are ushered immediately into a room. He looks at the x-rays that I brought with me. He says these aren’t bad enough for casts. He cuts off the one cast and gives us removable casts so that she can go swimming and play! I am wondering, because I don’t know him but this is his specialty. I walk up to the receptionist to pay and there is a Time magazine sitting on the counter. Time magazine has just named this man the Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor of the Year. I nearly faint- there is no way I will be able to afford this. The receptionist looks at me and says oh there isn’t any charge for family. I said thank you and left! I did not ask ‘are you sure?’
The motel was sold at auction. It had been part of the Savings and Loan financial failure in the late 80’s. The year that I ran it was the only year on record showing a profit and they put it on the auction block. We found a partner and financing to purchase it ourselves. The federal government was offering financing but turned Mike and I down. We have always had good to outstanding credit with a stable address but we had to find private financing. We agreed to not pay more than $450,000 for the motel. We went to the auction and it sold very fast for $900,000. So obviously it went higher than we were willing to pay but I was irate at the entire deal. It sold to some people living here in Colorado holding work visas from Poland. They received their financing from the federal government. I was amazed that they turned us down for ½ that amount and yet approved non-residents for a loan of that size. They were nice people and wanted me to stay on. I tried to make the changes that they wanted to make until one day they came in and took out the cash register and gave me a locking box for mon-ey. I told them I would not help them not claim income and turned in my notice. We were all glad to move back home. We bought a Lhasa Apso while we lived here. His name was Josh and he was totally my dog. He did not like the kids or Mike. One night making a walk around the building letting the dogs go to the bath-room and check to see all the doors were closed there was a man in the parking lot behaving strangely. I had to keep Josh on a leash because he would bite anyone at any time with or without reason, but Duke always was off leash. I spoke to the man who did not respond. I walked a little closer and said Good Evening again- he looked up surprised and began walking straight at me. I pulled Josh in closer and asked him if he was alright. He was walking straight at me causing me concern with his body language and lack of responding to me. I was sizing up my options when here comes big loveable Duke whom had never even barked while living with us. He plants himself in front of me, raises his hackles and begins a deep low growl- the man froze in place. I asked him if he needed help, he spun on his heel and went back to a car. We stood there and watched him get a suitcase and go to a room. I made note of the room and finished our walk. I called the Sherriff’s office that did drive thru’s randomly. I told them if they drove thru to keep an eye around that room. Praise God there were no other issues from that man and they left the next day.