School Shootings

I wish there was an easy solution to the school shootings that keep happening.  I’ve spent many sleepless nights thinking about the many ideas I have read or heard.  There seems some good ideas and yet there isn’t a GREAT idea that stands out.

We will never end bullying.  It is part of human nature.  For as long as time is we have bullied others to move ourselves up that ladder we imagine raises us to a better place in life.  I was bullied in school.  I also bullied in school. I battle with mental health issues that stem from an abusive childhood, but I never blamed the school or my classmates. I did have some classmates I fervently disliked but I never wanted to cause any of them bodily harm.

I do understand being put down and misrepresented by everyone in my life.  I also understand what it feels like to not be heard.  When I attempt to say anything that is important for me to say and the receiver doesn’t listen, it always causes me to stumble in my journey to stay healthy while battling mental illness.  Unlike the mass shooters we have heard about I don’t want to harm others- my issues are that I want to be heard but I don’t feel worthy.

Possibly increasing mental health counselors in schools is one of the tools we can utilize.  I do believe we will have to use many tools to overcome these mass shootings.  I think sadly the doors need to be locked once the bells ring.  While locked doors can be shot open it does send off warnings and gives authorities time.

I think our teachers and administrators are overworked and need their work load lessened.  It used to be (in the good old days)  classes were not allowed to be over 10 students.  Currently if you are a daycare provider you are not allowed to have over 6 or 7 children in your daycare.  Why do we think teachers can do more?  I have no idea how to fund these changes but we must cut down class room sizes so that teachers can be more effective not only in teaching, but in identifying problems that can be treated instead of expelled.

We’ve all known soldiers who return from service and struggle finding work.  Maybe it is time to make a security entrance guarded with veterans.  They have combat training and need work.  I do not see that arming teachers is viable.  While I am not against any teacher who feels he/she is capable of handling firearms.  I have enough relatives who are teachers that would never carry a gun, to recognize that this is not a good option.  I don’t like stereotyping people but honestly most people that go into the teaching profession choose this career because they want to nurture, educate and guide children.  I do not think it is fair or right to ask them to be armed and ready to kill any one of these children.

Nearly 4 decades ago we as a society decided that teachers could not discipline our children.  While I did not agree with that decision back then I recognize that we are not going to change it.  So I ask you – as part of society that does NOT allow teachers to discipline your children- why do you think it is appropriate to ask them to arm themselves and make combat decisions to kill one of those children?

I don’t think there is any ONE solution to our problem.  But maybe if we join our brilliant minds we can find some working solutions so our children are not being gunned down while attending classes.



Old Friends – Good Memories

I read a post on Facebook yesterday that broke my heart.  An old friend that I have not heard from in a few years is battling cancer.  The detested diagnosis that we all hope and pray to never receive.

I tossed and turned all night long.  I wanted to go see her.  I wanted to call her.  I understand that our paths in changed and she probably never wanted to hear from me again.  But if the roles were reversed- I would want to know that she cared.

I thought, I will send flowers or maybe a card.  Maybe I will do both.  That would be nice.  Yes I think that is a good idea.  I checked with a dear friend whom’s advice I trust.  He said it would be a good thing to do.  As I worked I planned on making a stop and sending off the flowers and card before the day was over.  And then finally the fog lifted and I knew exactly what I should do.

My friend and I didn’t send each other flowers.  We didn’t write each other cards.  We talked.  Usually on the phone, but lots in person too.  So I would reach out to her, just like in the old days.  I dialed her phone number.

She answered.  I told her how sorry I was that she was battling cancer.  We talked like the old days.  It is so hard to believe how sick she is.  Our phone call encouraged me.  I am grateful for a God that forgives.  I want to forgive like God forgives.  I want to love like God loves.  I am beyond thankful today that God showed my old friend and myself grace to share memories and enjoy each other again.

God moves mountains in my life daily.  I am not always aware enough to see those mountains moving- but I saw this one move today.

Something Is Wrong

Recently one of my grandchildren was the victim of bullying.  The school handling the situation did a very poor job.  We attempted to offer positive solutions to the principal, the superintendent and the school board.  Our suggestions were stonewalled.  We continued to press for changes and it seems as though the school board is making changes.

I made a few deliveries of packages to some of our local schools.  I commented to my dispatcher that there were a lot of police cars at each school.  My dispatcher stated that the schools in our area had increased the police presence for safety.

This bothers me in many ways.  Many years ago when my youngest daughter was attending high school, there was a resource officer assigned to her school.  I did not think it was a good thing.  I felt it was probably going to end up in our civil rights being violated in multiple ways.

My daughter built a relationship with that resource officer.  He changed her perspective on police, on crime and criminals in numerous ways.  While I did not agree with police at school it ended up being an absolute blessing in our family.  In our modern society we find it difficult to connect with police officers, fire fighters or emt’s.  I do believe that having personal relationships with the professionals that protect and serve us- we have a stronger community as a whole.

I am grateful that we are able to offer police within the schools for protection.  But I feel this is a bad band-aid and not a solution to the problem.  While I have to agree that we have horrible problem with people shooting up schools, students and faculty, why?  Lots of the cases in the media have been traced back to bullying issues that were never taken care of.

This tells me that my grandsons case is not the only one handled poorly.  We as a society are not repairing the damage done by bullies.  I was bullied in school.  I was also a bully.  When I was a bully I was reprimanded for my behavior.  When I was bullied I was given retribution, in the form of my bully had to apologize to me in the principal’s office.   I am not an expert but I recognize that both ends brought the issue to a closure.  I did not contemplate revenge because there was closure for me.

How can we bring our youth closure when they battle these issues?  How do we bring an end to these young people being accosted through social media, texting and so forth?  How do we help our youth learn empathy for one another?

Many people state we learn our behavior from our parents.  Other believe the responsibility belongs to the schools.   I believe it takes a village to raise a child.  We must speak up when we see wrongs being done.   We must correct our children when they are mean to others.  We must also set the example to be kind to others.  And we have to find a way to help our children find closure when they have been accosted.  If we do not we will continue to lose these babies to suicide or to mass shootings.

Our schools are being attacked and we are using the police as a band-aid.  We need to fix the problem of why our schools are being attacked.  Part of the problem is that the administrators treat everyone as a second class citizen.  Children and parents are intentionally excused from conversations as though they are dumb.  When you attempt to file a grievance it is ignored.

While it is not my desire to lay all the blame onto schools- that is where the problems are happening.  It makes sense to me that is where we begin making changes.  I do not think we will ever stop bullying.  We need to learn proactive ways to deal with it.  We need to give our youth closure when they are faced with bullying.  Allow them to receive apologies from their bullies.  Give them the chance to heal from being attacked.

When an adult is found guilty of computer hacking one of the common sentences is no computer privileges ever again.  Is there a way to implement no access to cell phones, social media and such if a youth is found guilty of cyber bullying? While schools need internet it needs to be guarded much better than it is.  Today’s youth are running a muck with the free internet access they have at school.  Yes it needs to be managed at home, too.  But I listen to the youth today and most of them have free access to the internet while at school.

Schools this is for you- you are doing something VERY wrong!  If you were doing things so right, people would not want to attack you!  You would not need police for protection.  I pray this begins a revolution in how to do things right!  Let’s heal these youth.  Let’s strengthen our education system.  Let’s be the change we want to see in the world!


NFL kneels through the Anthem

When this disrespectful action began a few years ago I was offended and shared posts stating how wrong others felt this was.  I was wearing my blinders and felt like the money these men make to ‘play’ a game shouldn’t allow them to show disrespect to the soldiers who are serving or the veterans that have served.

My husband and I went for a bike ride today so we missed all the commentary on today’s NFL kneeling.  When we arrived home I found some posts about our home team, The Denver Bronco’s, kneeling and I began to get upset about it.  I then reminded myself I did research the reasons that some of these players were doing this last year and found some common ground I have with them.

I was arrested and convicted of a felony 2 + decades ago.  It was a life changing event in my life, my marriage and our family.  For years I refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  I no longer believed in it. I’ve walked through an experience that proved to me that we no longer have ‘Justice for All’  If you have a big enough bank account you can get justice.  Our entire justice system is fueled by the drive for money.  From fines and fees to hiring lawyers.  We are told our tax dollars build and fund jails.  When you are incarcerated you are told you have to pay fines and fees for your incarceration.  They are double dipping from the taxpayers and the inmates- but you can’t get anyone to listen to you.  The taxpayers say the inmates should pay.  They can’t hear that both are paying.

My brother served in Viet Nam.  My father served in the Korean Conflict.  I have many friends whose kids are serving today.  I have nephews and cousins serving.  I never blamed any of these people when I no longer believed in Justice for All.  I don’t think our NFL players are blaming the soldiers either.  While in some ways I think it wrong for ‘entertainers’ to shove their personal opinions into our homes, I also feel it will take a GIANT to quash this justice system that has gone awry.

I agree with my fellow citizens that President Trump was wrong to call names.  While he may want a different approach from NFL players, calling names is not going to fix the problem as we saw today.

While I don’t think our justice system is fair- I also am not shooting myself in the foot to call attention to it.  I had to make my own peace with this flawed system.  I compared our system to several others around the world.  I would not want to walk through any other justice system on this planet.  So I decided to make what changes I could.  I could change my attitude.  I could change my actions.  I can vote.  I can research the candidates, judges, ballot measures and I can vote with purpose.  This is the way I chose to make changes in a system I do not like or trust.  I also believe my way is slower than a snail in making a difference, so possibly these overpaid game players will bring a change needed, this is overdue.

Really? Please just read the road signs!

Today was Day 1 of 95 days without the main bridge that delivers commuters across the Colorado River and the Rio Grande Railroad tracks to and from Aspen and all towns in between!

There has been at least one YEAR of heavy advertising preparing us for today.  I’ve seen it in the local newspapers, heard in on the Radio Stations and it has been on all of my social media feeds.  I recognize that since my occupation is DRIVING, I tend to stay informed about road closures and such.  It would seem to me that as a commuter you would stay informed too- but apparently not!

I witnessed people driving OVER the white plastic mounted lane dividers making the right lane of Interstate 70 an exit only lane.  People just decided they didn’t care and drove over them.  I saw driver after driver STOP and ask the flaggers for directions of how to get where they wanted to go.  Excuse me- why do the rest of us have to wait for you?  The flaggers are there to keep everyone moving in an orderly fashion- NOT for your personal map service.

I may sound a bit agitated and I apologize.  I knew it would make my day longer and harder.  I just didn’t expect to see the level of selfishness from drivers who somehow missed the MANY MEMOS that were put out about this detour.  It will improve- we are like sheep and once we learn our ‘NEW’ route it will go quicker.

I appreciate that RFTA is offering FREE bus services from Parachute to Glenwood during this time.  I urge anyone who can to please utilize this amazing service.  I know using a bus takes a little more time, but it does remove more cars from the road and it gives you the opportunity to relax to and from work.  I know, I know- what gives me the right to ask you to take the bus and not do it myself?  I am a courier.  What that means is that I am carpooling- with packages instead of passengers.  Most days I am carrying packages from 15 or more different clients.  I pick up and drop off all the way to Aspen and all the way back down from Aspen.

By sending your packages with me or calling and having me run your errands you are reducing the amount of cars trying to make it through this detour!  We take most packages for only $13.00.  My morning commute took 1 hr 45 minutes to get from Canyon Creek to McDonald’s.  I believe everyone’s time is worth more than $13 for nearly 2 hours ?!?!  By having multiple packages going to and from is how we keep our prices low.  Consider saving yourself some time and money!

And in the meantime- STOP TRYING TO TALK TO THE FLAGGERS!  Here is the official explanation of what a flagger is doing:

Flaggers are the people on construction sites who control traffic. They are the men and women along roads and highways who help traffic keep flowing through a construction zone, despite a shutdown of lanes. Flaggers often work in teams, with each person controlling the flow of traffic in a certain direction.   (NOTICE IT DOES NOT SAY GIVE DIRECTIONS TO EACH DRIVER THAT REFUSED TO LOOK INTO THE ROAD CLOSURE).

Process Server

These days I wear many hats throughout my day.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother, foster grandmother, business partner, courier and last but not least I am a process server.


Most people I know tell me they would never serve a summons on someone.  This is probably the biggest reason I am writing a blog about process serving.  I have lots of tales to share about process serving.  Some stories are funny, some are scary but honestly to me there is not much difference to me whether I am delivering flowers to someone or a summons.


See years ago there was someone trying to serve papers on my husband.  He sat watching our house for hours and finally after a few weeks of causing me sleepless nights and concerns of why we were being watched, until one morning the server arrived while my husband was home and he served the summons on him.  It turns out that he was trying to serve someone other than my husband.  It happens more than I knew about until then.  The person they were trying to serve used to live at the address we were at.


I lost a lot of sleep and am grateful that the laws have changed.  We are now able to serve any legal adult of relation at the address, instead of having to watch someone’s home and scare the family.


Recently one of the serves I just completed the person actually did not owe the money.  If that person had not found out about this it could have potentially moved into a levy against their bank account.  I would want to know if I was being sued. I am simply trying to give you information that you need. As a process server I am not the one suing you or caused you to be served. I am just a Grandmother earning her living doing a job that very few people are willing to do.


As a child of God I am saddened by the amount of court proceedings today.  I pray that we all heed to the Bible verse:

<h1 class=”western”><span style=”font-size: medium;”>Matthew 5:37 King James Version (KJV)</span></h1>

<a name=”en-KJV-23272″></a>37 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.


But each day I see people not communicate clearly with one another causing disputes to get out of hand and lead to court proceedings.


While I pray for peaceful resolutions in all of these I also recognize that we have to take responsibility for our own actions and choices.   While some of the summons I serve are due to identity theft or an ex spouse who has spent money in your name- sometimes you have made some not healthy choices and these are your consequences.  It is better to deal with the consequences than to run and hide from what has happened.


I’ve helped several people deal with their debt.  I offer to help you with yours if would like.  I am not  a professional but I am very capable.  There are also some excellent professionals that can help. Feel free to contact me if you would like help to deal with your debt.




Yes, My Name is Rebecca Chapter Thirteen

Chapter XIII
I was at work and Roger called. He didn’t seem surprised that I answered the phone. I told him that we were obviously not meant to be. I don’t hate you but it is time to admit we don’t have a relationship and move forward in each of our lives. He agreed. Occasionally we ran into each other over the next few years and I will always consider him a friend.
I really thought that once we were back to our homes that would be the end of Mike and me. I only slept with him to keep from getting nabbed off of his bike! And he had a wife and kids. I figured he would settle back into his comfortable life and all would be well. He didn’t do that. He moved into his friends’ (Randy and Jimmy) home in Hot Sulphur Springs and we dated. Occasionally I would stay the night there with him. Although he came over to my trailer he didn’t stay there. He was never comfortable there. He had to find new work since separating from Chris. She had kept the newspaper routes as well as her beauty salon business.
I became pregnant. I was shocked. I did not think I could get pregnant due to the abuse I had suffered and the lack of contraception I used. Well this will drive him away positively! Wow- I am going to be a mommy. I was excited and scared. But no one was going to take this baby away from me. Mike didn’t leave me. He insisted we move in together in Granby. It was closer to work and he was not going to live in Kremmling. He bought a trailer. My trailer was an 8 x 65 and this one was a 12 x 70. It felt HUGE to me! It was pretty well-abused but it was affordable for us. We tried to rent out my trailer. I finally just signed the title over to the land owners so I didn’t have to mess with it any longer.
Mom called and told me that Ken had been diagnosed with bone cancer. He was given less than 6 months to live. I asked her what I could do? Do you want me to come visit? Do you want me to wait and be there when he passes away? She was adamant that a visit would be her choice. They had met Mike that summer when they came thru on a visit to everyone. She thought we were more of a couple than I did because Mike came over to meet her- and began cleaning my kitchen. I said Mom will know you cleaned it- not like she thinks I am a neat freak! First thing she said was looks like you found a good man who can clean! I flew down to Tucson for Thanksgiving. Ken was taking chemo therapy and I would drive him to the appointment and back while Mom was at work. We had a nice visit. I told him I was pregnant and due on March 27, 1986. He said NO- you did not tell me. I did not hear that. You tell your Mom first. I said I don’t want to. He said you have to. When she got home that night I told her. Ken acted all surprised and helped her to be happy for me. I wasn’t sure how Mom really felt and was glad I would be leaving soon. I returned home and to work.
LeRoy moved to Granby. He began delivering newspapers in Grand Lake. He kept trying to drive a wedge between Mike and me. He was standing in the driveway of our trailer one day telling me how happy he was that he and I were going to finally have a baby. We could move up to Buffalo Park and Mike would never find us. We would raise our baby together. I said this isn’t your baby. I am not going anywhere with you.
My checkups were going well. I felt great although I certainly gained too much weight. I had the mentality of fat is fine I am pregnant! I’ve struggled with being overweight ever since. Ken passed away in January. The pain was more than he could handle and Mom called the ambulance. They wheeled the gurney up to the back of the ambulance and Ken tapped one of the EMT’s- he said yes, Ken with his usual grin and uplifting sense of humor asked, ‘have you ever dropped one of these’ Everyone laughed the EMT said not yet but there is still hope! He passed that night at the hospital. Mom had him cremated and never much talked about it again.
I was walking into work on Feb 5. I always parked in the employee lot because I follow the rules. They never maintained it very well so I would wear my tennis shoes into my office. I kept a nice pair of shoes to change into. Walking in this morning I slipped on the ice and slid under one of the parked cars. I bruised from my right hip to my shoulder. I caught my breath and walked into the build-ing. I told them in the housekeeping department I had fallen. They helped me get my time card punched and up to my desk. My supervisor was there and said you have to go see your Dr. I will file a workmen’s comp report. I called Dr. Grossman’s office and told them I was coming in that I had taken a bad fall. Dr. Grossman saw me right away. He thought I was okay. He told me symptoms to watch for. He said if we make 24 hours things should be fine. Back to work I went. I was responsible for Home Owner disbursements at this time. Karen, my supervisor, had moved me to accounting during the dayshift because it concerned her having a young pregnant woman working night audit.
On the 6th night after falling I was not able to sleep. I was uncomfortable. I felt like the flu was starting. I had not slept much when Mike got up at 3 AM to go to work. He was sympathetic and told me everyone went thru premature contractions. I didn’t’ think they were contractions. He left for work and I tossed and turned for two more hours. I got up and took a warm bath. Ate some breakfast and got ready for work. It was about time to start my jeep to warm up but now having an overactive bladder I thought I should pee one more time before I went out in the cold. I went to the bathroom and not knowing exactly what it was saw a bloody mucous discharge. That is not good. It was Feb 12. I was not due until Mar 27th. I called work and left a message for Karen that I had to see the Dr.
I called the Dr.’s office and before I got off the phone Debbie was there. She was the front office manager at work and raced over. She followed me to the Drs. Office. Another lady came bouncing into the office in front of me. She was nearly jogging and told the receptionist she thought she was in labor. My turn to walk up- I said I don’t know if I am sick or in labor, but had a bloody discharge after a sleepless night and think Dr. Grossman should decide. I sat down and Debbie tried to help me pass the time. We heard the receptionist call the Dr. and tell him he had two ladies in and he told her he was going to take his morning jog. At some time I be-gan to realize these are contractions mainly because I remember Debbie taking my watch to time them. Mike was making deliveries for the laundry and saw my jeep at the Doctor he hurried in and found me in labor. He told Debbie he would be right back he had to take the laundry truck back. He was back in just a few minutes and Debbie left us to go back to work. We were sitting there tim-ing the contractions and Dr. Grossman walked in ready to start his day at 10:30 AM. I don’t know where the other lady was at this point I was in PAIN. Dr. Grossman said come on back and we will let you know that all is well. Off to the exam room- love those stirrups! Cold and expose yourself to the world! Dr. Grossman examined me, looked up at me with shock, concern and sternly said you need to get to the hospital right now. You are having a baby. Mike laughed and said hey Doc we been sitting here for a long time- she wants to grab breakfast first, ok? He was joking but Dr. Grossman did not know that- He yelled at Mike- she will just throw it up anyway… get her to the hospital! We left there and I told Mike I want my bag. I knew I didn’t’ have everything in there and ready but I had been working on preparing it and I wanted to take what I did have. He took me to the trailer and we went in. I was trying to walk to the bedroom when another contraction hit and I grabbed the dining room chair. I remember Eric who was living with us at the time, yelling at Mike get her out of here- I don’t want a kid on the floor! Mike said you move her- I am not going to get in the way! It subsided I got our bag and off to Kremmling to have a baby. Mike wheeled me up the main entrance at 12:15 and walked me in. We registered and everyone has been moving like she really can’t be in labor it is too early. We are just going thru the motions for her. They get me to a labor room and finally do an exam, that gal says you’re dilated to a 10! I said what does that mean? She said it means you’re going to have a baby. I don’t think we have time for an enema. I said yes we do. She got it and I waddled to the bathroom. I cleared my colon and wasn’t too sure I could walk back to the bed. I got back to the bed and Mike asked me what I needed. I told him a cigarette. She said have a cigarette. There’s no ashtrays but you can put it out in the toilet. (Can you imagine smoking inside a hospital??)
I told her I have to push- she said you can’t your doctor isn’t here. I said tell the baby not me. She opened the door and SCREAMED for a doctor and spun my bed to go into the delivery room. It didn’t seem like long and Dr. Ceriani was there and my step grandmother, Della. They had helped my mother deliver me. Dr. Ceriani told me that I should push. At 12:45 he was holding a baby girl they told me. They were attending to her. Mike was holding my hand, standing by my side. They were getting oxygen going for her. The phone rang in the delivery room. Someone answered it, said it was for me. It was Karen from work. She was mortified that they put the call into the delivery room. She was simply calling for an update! I said well you are the first to know- we had a baby girl! They put her into an incubator that was sealed with 100% oxygen. I couldn’t hold her. They had called for flight for life. She wasn’t absorbing enough oxygen. Her incubator was in my room- it had gloved hand holes that I could put my hands into and rub her. She was so tiny. She only weighed 5 lbs. The fixed wing air-plane arrived. An ambulance picked up the crew and brought them to the hospital. They secured my baby to go with them. They did not know where they were taking her yet. There were several possibilities and no one knew. They would let me know as soon as they knew. They left the hospital. It felt like my heart was yanked out of my chest. I asked Mike if we could leave and start for Denver? He asked them. They said yes, I got dressed and we got the phone numbers of who to call to find out where they were taking her. We drove to our trailer in Granby. I called my Mom and told her. He told me to call his Mom. I called and said Marion we had a baby girl. The phone went dead. It wasn’t like a hang up, but it was dead. Mike looked at me funny, I said she isn’t there- he took the phone and there was nothing at the other end. We called the Kremmling hospital; they still did not know which hospital. I was getting a bag ready for an extended stay. The phone rang, it was Marion. Mike answered and I could hear her saying, put my Becky on the phone! She said I didn’t hang up- my phone fell apart… it broke I ran and bought a new one. Are you ok? I told her what we knew so far. She was so sweet. I felt so much better to learn that her phone broke and she didn’t hate me.
We finally decided on a name. Regina Ann Smith. I wanted to name her after her grandmothers but did not like the combinations. Regina means Queen. I didn’t want her to be a princess- I wanted her to be a leader. Smith be-cause I still knew Mike would leave at any given moment that suit-ed him and we (Regina and I) would live happily ever after.
We finally found out they took her to St. Luke’s Presbyterian hospital. We drove down there. As we were walking into the hospital I apparently wasn’t as strong as I thought- I heard the staff calling for a wheel chair we have a woman in labor. Mike said a wheel chair would be great but our baby is already here- we need to find her. They took us up to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Most people call it NIC U. There she was, Baby Smith. The Dr. shook our hands and said welcome Mr. Smith. Mike started to correct him and decided it wasn’t important. He told us how she was. I still could not hold her. I rubbed her and began sobbing. They told me if I could pump milk they would feed it to her. It would be the best for her. We left, bought a hand breast pump. I got about an ounce. It was torture. I had to expose my breasts; Mike was watching I could not do this. We took that in, they offered assistance but there was no way I would expose myself to others. They began her on formula. I would sit there for few minutes and become hysterical so Mike would take me back to the hotel. Might be there for ½ hour and have to be with my baby. It was a long several days. She stabilized and I could hold her. I think she was nearly 4 days old before I got to hold her for the first time. She became jaundice so the treatment for that would not allow me to hold her again! Finally about 3 weeks they said she could go back to the Kremmling hospital. She was nearly 34 weeks and would not be able to nurse on the bottle. For one week she would be feed with a tube and then she would be able to nurse again. I got to drive her home to Kremmling. Here we are in the Kremmling hospital receiving tube feedings. Karen called me at the hospital. She said if I wasn’t at work tomorrow she would have to let me go. I said I understand. I told Mike, and left the hospital to go to Dr. Grossman and get a work release. I walked into the room with Dr. Grossman and had barely explained that I had to be work the following day, when Mike charged thru the door and said if you give her a release for work I will sue you for everything you have! Dr. Grossman laughed and said relax Mike I am not giving her a release. He then took my hands and said ‘You are a Mom now. That is your only concern. She comes first. No job, no boss supersedes that. Go back to the hospital. Neither one of them understood- this was my health insurance, our food, the roof over our heads…. I thought I will just go to work without a release. I got back to the hospital and held Regina. I knew that was where I was supposed to be. So I was terminated for falling in an unmaintained mandatory parking lot.